EVE Online: 2 Plex Card
Release Date: 6 May, 2003
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PLEX is used for a wide range of features and services both in-game and out. The two most popular are selling PLEX for a big stack of in-game ISK and buying PLEX with your character’s ISK to pay for game time.

How to use PLEX

PLEX can be used in Account Management and in-game. By using the Account Management website, pilots can apply PLEX to reactivate a disabled account or spend it on a variety of game and account related services.

When purchasing Character and Account Services with PLEX simply select PLEX as payment method.

If you want to use your PLEX in-game, you will need to claim it from the Redeem Items system before you can use it.

1. Log into EVE Online
2. On the character selection screen, at the bottom, you will see a “Redeem Items” section.
3. Click the up arrow and the redeeming panel will pop-up displaying the items in the redeeming system.
4. Drag the PLEX to the character of your choice.

Trade on the EVE market

In need of a few hundred million ISK? PLEX is actively traded on the EVE market, with prices varying from system to system. To sell your PLEX to other players:

Right click the PLEX in your hangar
Select “Sell this item”

You now have two choices:
Click ‘Sell” to sell the item at the current market price
Place a sell order to put your PLEX on the market at your preferred asking price

Selling a PLEX is a great way to get ‘seed money’ to start your character’s career in manufacturing, trading or playing the market. Many players buy and trade in PLEX exclusively.

Game time

It’s common in MMOs for some players to end up with more cash on their characters than they know what to do with. In EVE Online, you can turn that extra ISK into 30 days of game time by purchasing PLEX from other players on the EVE market. PLEX can be found in the market's "Trade Goods" section.

To convert your PLEX into game time, right click the PLEX while it is in your hangar, and select “Activate PLEX” from the pop up menu. A window will show where you can choose between either adding it your account’s subscription or to the Multiple Character Training queue.

Character services

PLEX can be used to pay for services such as training multiple characters, transferring characters between accounts and resculpting your character’s physical appearance. Visit Account Services for the full list of character and account options available for purchase with PLEX.

Exchange for Aurum

[Aurum] Rare character accessories and unique attire can be purchased in the Noble Exchange, an in-game shop that uses Aurum as its currency. PLEX can be converted to Aurum, and the items purchased can be used, traded or sold on the regular EVE market.

Get tickets to events and live streams

Throughout the year, tickets to tournaments, live streamed events and even EVE Fanfest can be purchased with PLEX. Check the EVE Online community site regularly for events and ticket sale announcements

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