The Maw
Release Date: 21 Jan, 2009
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In this full featured 3D action adventure, players take control of Frank, a simple alien that must partner up with The Maw, a cute little blob with an insatiable hunger that makes him the most dangerous creature in the galaxy. Players will need to harness The Maw's unstoppable growth and the incredible powers he earns, in order to help Frank find his way home.

The Maw features a lengthy, full scope, single-player experience filled with hundreds of 3D character animations, intense cinemas, cutting-edge graphics technology, a professionally composed soundtrack, and much more.

  • The power of The Maw: Feed Maw a variety of different creatures and make him grow to help get through levels. Use Frank's plasma leash to control the indestructible Maw, as he grows, evolves, and gains new powers that can be used to get rid of enemies and solve level puzzles.
  • The teamwork of Frank and Maw: Frank and Maw must help each other to solve puzzles and get through each area. Frank's plasma leash can be attached to Maw as well as creatures and other objects to slam and toss things around.
  • Action and adventure: This single-player story-driven game features eight full levels with different puzzles and power creatures throughout.
  • Musical score: The original music score was created by God of War composer Winifred Phillips.

This game requires the Xbox 360 hard drive or the 512MB Memory Unit for storage.

NOTE: You must have Xbox LIVE Gold membership to use this content

Please check official sources for backwards compatibility with Xbox One.

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