OP Quests FAQ

What are Opium Pulses Quests?

Quests are tasks you complete from your browser that reward you in OP points, these can range from watching short videos, downloading mobile apps, completing quizzes to filling in short surveys.

What are Opium Pulses Points?

Points are our own virtual currency that you can spend on products in the store, games in the trove or entering giveaways.

How do I earn points to purchase items in the Treasure Trove?

Besides completing quests for Opius, we also have an article that explains other ways to unlock points, ranging from simply logging in, cashback on purchases and unlocking on-site achievements, you can read the articles on both points and achievements below.

Achievements Loyalty Points

I have issues earning points from a single Quest

You'll have to contact the provider directly. All our providers have a link to their support on their questswall. Providing them with as much information as you can (eg. screenshots of completion).

I have issues earning points with one of the Quests providers

Again, we don't manage the Quests directly so you'd have to contact the provider themselves. You can find links to their support pages on their quest tabs. Remember to take note of how long each quest takes to reward points.

Can I reserve a game in the Trove until I have enough points?

Unfortunately, the trove works on a first come first served manner. We don't reserve games for anyone but we'll always work to restock the most popular titles.

A quest provider has been removed or replaced, why?

We sometimes have issues with certain Quest providers and we have to cut them loose. This is mostly due to unreliable quests that can delay or prevent your points getting to you.

A key I have purchased isn't working, help!

We sell keys for multiple platforms so please make sure you're redeeming on the right client, If you are redeeming correctly and the key is still not working please contact us via the form at the footer of the site, or send us an email with a screenshot of the error you receive when trying to redeem. Below is a link to our "How to Redeem" guide.

How to redeem your game