So you want to know more about us? Great!

You may be thinking:
‘These guys just look like another game key selling website’, and whilst you would be partly right – this is just a small part of what we are about.

Foremost, Opium Pulses is a gaming community that cares about the developer just as much as the player. We bring players together to share a common interest and do everything we can to support the little guys making the games we all enjoy.

Our core services
  • STORE – We source the games you want at the best prices. Where possible we deal directly with game developers and publishers to sell their games directly to you, with no middle-men, meaning you get a game key guaranteed to work and the developer gets a fair share.
    All our keys are guaranteed to be region free (unless otherwise stated) and are delivered instantly. Also, earn loyalty points on everything you buy to spend on more games!
  • TREASURE TROVE – A selection of smaller titles available to purchase with points. We have removed the option of Paypal payments to reduce any fees and keep the price of games as low as possible. Games start from just 100 points (10c!).
  • QUESTS – A place to earn additional points by completing tasks such as filling out surveys, watching videos and installing apps. While Quests isn’t for everyone, if you have zero to little income, it’s a great way of earning enough points to get the games you want.
  • GIVEAWAYS – A selection of Opium Pulses and developer sponsored game giveaways. Giveaways end when either the entry cap is reached or the time runs outs. At which point random winner(s) are selected. Watch out for our large ‘everyone wins’ giveaways!
  • ARCADE – A selection of casual free-to-play browser based games, all in one place for when you have 30 mins to kill.
  • ARTICLES – Written mostly by our specially selected community members. Here you’ll find unique reviews, gaming news, general articles, top 10’s plus any official OP announcements.
Is that all we hear you say?!
Hell no! Other stuff we do
  • PODCASTS – A regular comedy (and loosely gaming related!) podcast hosted by our founders with the occasional special guest, who generally gets ripped apart. A mixture of facts, news, reviews with a big dollop of randomness on top.
    Warning: These are very much 18+ rated!
  • VIDEOS – A mixture of reviews / unboxings especially aimed at special editions and generally hard to find stuff!
  • GROUP NEWS - Within over 10 active Steam groups, you’ll find the latest posts from our most popular channels (Giveaways, Savings and News) right here on our homepage so you’re always up to date.
  • DISCORD – As an official Discord partner, a friendly and central place for the Opium Pulses community to come together, chat about whatever they want, makes friends and find people to play with. Everyone is welcome – why not come and say hi!
Hopefully by now you’re starting to warm to us…
But if not, we’re always open to suggestions and better ways we can help support developers / publishers and ultimately – the players.
we look forward to hearing from you
Want to know more about our history?
The Opium Pulses name was born

The Opium Pulses name was born as an old school UK based PC clan (back before it was cool!) The name ‘Opium Pulses’ was actually a merge of two different groups (Opium Virus Krew + Duality Pulses Krew).
We then had a great time playing games… For 10 years!

Opium Pulses Forum launch

The creation of the forum was Opium Pulses expressing itself as a brand as opposed to just a clan. With old OP members returning for some nostalgia, and heavy promotion bringing in new members, the forum started to feel like a place to contain the community we always wanted.

OP Steam Groups

Next, Opium Pulses tackled Steam and created various Steam groups to hold the name and promote the community. Our most popular groups soon became;

OP Savings – a place to get all the latest gaming news and deal announcements across the net.

OP Giveaways – a hub of where to find and enter the best game giveaways out there including in-house and developer sponsored giveaways.

We purchased the domain www.opiumpulses.com

The first few versions of our website were… um.. basic. It was pretty much a news board with links to our community activity on Steam. But that didn’t hold us back. We were on a mission to bring Opium Pulses to the masses

Opium Pulses Arcade Launch

After spending hundreds of hours finding the best selection of free-to-play browser based games out there – we conveniently placed them all in the Arcade for your enjoyment! We still regularly update the Arcade so check it out for our latest games.

Incorporation of a Limited Company

Opium Pulses proudly became Opium Pulses Ltd.

Opium Pulses Store launch

We had less than 100 games on offer, couldn’t afford any of the latest AAA titles and we had to manually email every order! Nevertheless, the orders came flooding in and we sent every order as soon as humanly possible (lots of getting up in the middle of the night to send a game key!)

Since then our website has gone through several re-designs and now offers instant key delivery and all the latest titles you could wish for!

Opium Pulses Store Re-launch

After some serious development work, our store now had all the functionality we wanted including instant key delivery and proper customer account pages. With over 700 games on offer we had come a long way for the year before.

Achievements + Loyalty Points Launch

We all love earning achievements in games – so why not have them on our website we all thought?! Now, with over 10 ways to unlock achievements and earn points, it’s our way of saying thanks for everything you do with us.

Opius is born

Our official mascot ‘Opius’ was created from a community competition we ran on Steam. A very talented artist created our new friend who who’s cheeky and crazy personality we all fell in love with the moment we saw him.

Opium Pulses Giveaways Launch

Originally we used to run game giveaways in big Steam chat events. However to make it more fair we started using third party websites and partnered with well know giveaway sites such as Steam Companion and Steam Game Swap. While these worked perfectly fine, we decided we could do it better ourselves with unique features exclusive to OP. Hence the launch our very own giveaway platform!

Opium Pulses Quests Launch

A regular request from our community was for more ways to earn points and so we launched Quests! At the same time we launched the Treasure Trove with a selection of great value games that could easily be purchased from completing a few Quests.

Website re-launch

Our biggest and most proud re-launch since we first switched on the site back in 2014. With over 50 pages redesigned from the ground up – a massive project, but a place we’re proud to call home.