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img Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019

A digital license key for Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019.NOTE: Each key will activate against one Microsoft account. Includes:Word 2019Excel 2019PowerPoint 2019Outlook 2019Publisher 2019Access 2019Skype for BusinessOneNoteKey can be used to upgrade your existing Office version or install a new copy How to install and activate   1.   Go to HTTPS://SETUP.OFFICE.COM/   2.   Login or create a Microsoft account    3.   Enter your product key   4.   Select country and language   5.   Download and wait for installation to complete   6.  .

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img Premium Mystery Steam Game

Purchase a random game from our pool of quality guaranteed titles. You will receive a mystery Steam key for a game of any genre - no asset flips, no IP rip offs, no RPG maker clones... Just games made by real developers with dependable quality.• All games will cost at least $8.99 or more at retail.• All games will have at least 70% positive Steam reviews or metacritic score.• Ethically sourced quality titles from real, passionate developers..

Price: $1.50
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Release Date: 2 Jun, 2018
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img Now Extinct Collector's Bundle

Welcome to the Now Extinct Collectors Bundle from Opium Pulses, 8 intriguing Steam titles, all with trading cards, from various genres no longer available for purchase - making this one of the last chances to own them all! All for a low, affordable price.This bundle has a limited quantity and once they're gone they're gone so be quick and grab yours before they go extinct forever!The Now Extinct Collectors Bundle features the following 8 Steam titles:Space Journey (Includes Achievements + Trading Cards)Escape.

Author: coolyer
icon 22.04.2019
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Battle Royal Tycoon Review!
Battle Royal Tycoon Review!Publisher & developer: Endless Loop Studios.Early access build: v0.11 15-04-2019What is battle royal tycoon? Do you like blood? Do you like seeing people fight to death ? did you ever want to run your own battle royal park? If yes then battle royal tycoon is for you.The story
Author: SlipSlot
icon 18.04.2019
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Which Budget VR Headset Should I Buy?
Planet Earth has seen many births and deaths of Virtual Reality, from the Sensorama in the 1950s, The Sword of Damocles in the 1960s, the VideoPlace in the 1970s, the Virtual Cockpit in the 1980s, the Virtual Boy in the 1990s, Google’s Street View in the 2000s and then the Oculus
Author: coolyer
icon 17.04.2019
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Breathedge Review!
Review of Breathedge!  What is Breathedge? Think of subnatica meets space but managed to watch Amy Schumer Netflix special.Reviewed in early access build: The humour is good at time but a lot of p*ss jokes and dark humour jokes. Quite challenging to complete. Has fun survival simulation mechanics. The story is quite funny and interesting
Author: Rhyfel
icon 01.04.2019
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The positive side of constructive negativism.
Different players have different opinions about all sorts of aspects of gaming but while ultimately every person has the right to think what they want to and prefer what ever they would prefer, sometimes certain opinions get bashed or praised more often than others. There are cases of overly positive attitudes
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Group news
Opium Pulses have teamed up with our great friends Winged Sakura Games,[]
To bring our members the chance of winning 1 of 100 copies of their exciting new steam game Winged Sakura: Mindy's Arc 2!

For a chance to win a copy of the game for yourself please visit the website HERE![]

About The Game
Winged Sakura: Mindy's Arc 2 is a sequel to Winged Sakura: Mindy's Arc. It is not necessary to play the prequel to enjoy this game.

Mindy Akumori recovers her memories and exits the dimensional world only to find her nation, Hysteria, in a brink of war. She voluntarily joins the Hysteria military and is now being personally trained under her sister, Cindy Akumori, a highly ranked commander.Within a short amount of time, it was reported that the situation was more direr than the informants proclaimed. The enemy nations have gained access to a forbidden spell that has allowed them to conquer a clear majority of Hysteria in one fell swoop by deactivating and surpassing Hysteria’s defense.Mindy receives an order to sortie east and she happily complies, but she encounters the unexpected and something nasty begins to stir...
Innovative Tower Defense
Experience a breathtaking Tower Defense game like no other. Strategically plan and overwhelm enemies by materializing time ticking units onto the battlefield or by casting powerful spells. Equip units with powerful items to unleash their fullest potential via our Progression System.

Progression System
Level up and gain skill points to learn and upgrade skills. Equip units with powerful items that can be obtained through crafting and clearing stages. Enchant and uncap the items to maximize their stats.

17 Playable Characters with Powers
Customize your favorite units with over 25 equitable Powers obtainable in the game, each coming with a unique passive ability.

A Rewarding Grind
Boost the drop rates of any rare items you wish to obtain from a Free Battle stage to guarantee the item to drop within a few clears.

For a chance to win a copy of the game for yourself please visit the website HERE![]
Opium Pulses Giveaways
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Which Budget VR Headset Should I Buy?
Planet Earth has seen many births and deaths of Virtual Reality, from the Sensorama in the 1950s, The Sword of Damocles in the 1960s, the VideoPlace in the 1970s, the Virtual Cockpit in the 1980s, the Virtual Boy in the 1990s, Google’s Street View in the 2000s and then the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive devices that began emerging from 2010.

It’s fair to argue that this incarnation of Virtual Reality has survived the longest, and although not growing at the pace many predicted, it has lasted nearly an entire decade with new technology and software being released daily. Many would say VR is now here to stay and will only integrate more with our lives as technology evolves and the concept of VR becomes more mainstream.

One barrier for many people when it comes to VR is the cost, the most advance equipment requires a powerful computer to run which could cost up to the thousands, then there’s the headsets themselves, costing anywhere between $400-$799. For people living pay check to pay check it’s just too far out of reach.

But VR is slowly becoming more affordable and we’re just now starting to see the birth of full standalone and wireless headsets capable of full immersion in a virtual world for a fairly reasonable price. Allow us to discuss some of those options to help in your decision, should you be considering buying one.

Opium Pulses News
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Fanatical: Exile Bundle
@Moon Moon
Click here for the bundle![]

It’s time to banish boredom with Fanatical’s latest exclusively curated bundle!
The Exile Bundle brings together a collection of 10 Steam games, featuring highly rated titles and five new-to-bundle games. Enjoy a ‘Very Positive’ Steam rated sci-fi duo with STAR WARS Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy and STAR WARS Jedi Knight II - Jedi Outcast, rise through the ranks to become a Jedi Master and forge your own lightsaber in intense intergalactic action.
Attempt to surface from a stranded state before your oxygen (and sanity) run out in deep sea survival horror Narcosis; test your speed and reaction in the ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’ Steam rated parkour platformer SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell; and explore a stunning soul-searching puzzle adventure in Old Man’s Journey.
Take your management simulation skills to new heights and build prestigious skyscrapers in Project Highrise; or try your luck on a space station in a corner of the galaxy with The Spatials.
Shoot, slice and surf on zombies with indie action-adventure GIBZ; enter a world of corporate espionage in this dark spy comedy in The Low Road; and challenge legendary entities in epic combat with action anime RPG Anima Gate of Memories.
Don’t feel excluded from a fun-filled week of gaming, grab the Exile Bundle now for just $4.99!

Pay €5.39 / $4.99 for:

Click here[] for a list of all available Fanatical bundles! (Affiliate link)
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