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img Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019

A digital license key for Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019.NOTE: Each key will activate against one Microsoft account. Includes:Word 2019Excel 2019PowerPoint 2019Outlook 2019Publisher 2019Access 2019Skype for BusinessOneNoteKey can be used to upgrade your existing Office version or install a new copy How to install and activate   1.   Go to HTTPS://SETUP.OFFICE.COM/   2.   Login or create a Microsoft account    3.   Enter your product key   4.   Select country and language   5.   Download and wait for installation to complete   6.  .

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img Premium Mystery Steam Game

Purchase a random game from our pool of quality guaranteed titles. You will receive a mystery Steam key for a game of any genre - no asset flips, no IP rip offs, no RPG maker clones... Just games made by real developers with dependable quality.• All games will cost at least $8.99 or more at retail.• All games will have at least 70% positive Steam reviews or metacritic score.• Ethically sourced quality titles from real, passionate developers..

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Release Date: 2 Jun, 2018
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img Now Extinct Collector's Bundle

Welcome to the Now Extinct Collectors Bundle from Opium Pulses, 8 intriguing Steam titles, all with trading cards, from various genres no longer available for purchase - making this one of the last chances to own them all! All for a low, affordable price.This bundle has a limited quantity and once they're gone they're gone so be quick and grab yours before they go extinct forever!The Now Extinct Collectors Bundle features the following 8 Steam titles:Space Journey (Includes Achievements + Trading Cards)Escape.

Author: SlipSlot
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RuneScape's Various Game Modes Explained
RuneScape is one of the longest living MMORPGs, consistently playable in one version or another since 2001!Besides the standard experience, Jagex has offered many variants over the years, from legacy versions, alternative servers, to complete game redesigns. Allow us to list and describe the different ways to experience the game, including
Author: coolyer
icon 22.05.2019
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Robosoul: From the Depths of Pax-Animi Review
Early access build: 0.6.11 EAPublisher & Developer: WorldAxis3DThe opening!What is Robosoul: From the Depths of Pax-Animi? If you mix worlds, adventure and strange graphics then you get Robosoul: From the Depths of Pax-Animi.Starting worldThe Story: The story of Robosoul: From the Depths of Pax-Animi is you who is called Daniel goes into
Author: peza12
icon 21.05.2019
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Mordhau Review
If you happened to be gaming on the PC in the early 2010's, you might have heard of a somewhat niche but highly popular multiplayer game by the name of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. As the name may infer, this was a fighting title with medieval-era weaponry that paired simple to understand
Author: peza12
icon 20.05.2019
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Tropico 6 Review
Holding onto power isn’t easy. As El Presidente of a remote island nation, Tropico 6 asks you to oversee your nation’s economy, military, and tourism board. While managing the needs of an ever-growing population is complicated, keeping everyone happy is even harder.As a nearly all-powerful ruler, you determine your country’s layout,
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Group news
Opium Pulses have teamed up with our great friends at Abama Entertainment,
To bring our members another chance of winning 1 of 100 copies of their exciting new steam game Russian Life Simulator!

For a chance to win a copy of the game for yourself please visit the website HERE![]
About The Game

The most realistic simulator of the life of a Russian person. Collect pension from birth, collect bottles to survive and become part of an exciting life-long story.
Distinctive Features:
  • Funded pension system, but be careful, you can lose it
  • Huge selection of character enhancements, from your favorite vodka to the tame bear
  • Carefully thought-out economic system, in which the main currency is the bottle
  • Many costumes allowing you to be fashionable and attractive, and therefore increasing income
  • A rich selection of locations, reflecting the entire path of the Russian Man
  • Music reflecting the Russian soul
  • Voice acting from cult Russian personalities
  • Fascinating events, among which:
  • Choice of the President of the Russian Federation
  • Invasion of foreign invaders
  • Hardbass in the front door
  • And other secret events
  • Try to avoid the jail!

For a chance to win a copy of the game for yourself please visit the website HERE![]
Opium Pulses Giveaways
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Which Budget VR Headset Should I Buy?
Planet Earth has seen many births and deaths of Virtual Reality, from the Sensorama in the 1950s, The Sword of Damocles in the 1960s, the VideoPlace in the 1970s, the Virtual Cockpit in the 1980s, the Virtual Boy in the 1990s, Google’s Street View in the 2000s and then the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive devices that began emerging from 2010.

It’s fair to argue that this incarnation of Virtual Reality has survived the longest, and although not growing at the pace many predicted, it has lasted nearly an entire decade with new technology and software being released daily. Many would say VR is now here to stay and will only integrate more with our lives as technology evolves and the concept of VR becomes more mainstream.

One barrier for many people when it comes to VR is the cost, the most advance equipment requires a powerful computer to run which could cost up to the thousands, then there’s the headsets themselves, costing anywhere between $400-$799. For people living pay check to pay check it’s just too far out of reach.

But VR is slowly becoming more affordable and we’re just now starting to see the birth of full standalone and wireless headsets capable of full immersion in a virtual world for a fairly reasonable price. Allow us to discuss some of those options to help in your decision, should you be considering buying one.

Opium Pulses News
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Fanatical: Uprising Bundle
@Moon Moon
Click here for the bundle![]

Join the rebellion!
Leading Steam games are yours for the taking with the Uprising Bundle. This exclusively curated collection features 10 titles, including four new-to-bundle.
Explore procedurally generated dungeons and take down badass bosses in FPS action with Ziggurat; explore Indian mythology in the ‘Very Positive’ Steam rated hack and slash Asura: Vengeance Expansion; and slither your way across a colorful and quirky physics-based world in Snake Pass.
Explore the perils of government surveillance in the Internet Age with stealth action Republique; build great cities and even greater armies in 4X strategy Oriental Empires; and explore a mysterious planet while escaping a deadly phenomenon in the atmospheric sci-fi Lifeless Planet Premier Edition.
Witness a tale of intrigue and tragedy as your fight your way through a Renaissance-inspired city of magic in isometric tactical RPG Masquerada: Songs and Shadows; find your own playstyle in 4v4 multiplayer battles in action RPG Fantasy Versus; and immerse yourself in toy sandbox in Tracks.
Let the revolution commence with the Uprising Bundle, available now for just $4.99!

Pay €5.39 / $4.99 for:

Click here[] for a list of all available Fanatical bundles! (Affiliate link)
Opium Pulses Savings
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