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img Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019

A digital license key for Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019.NOTE: Each key will activate against one Microsoft account. Includes:Word 2019Excel 2019PowerPoint 2019Outlook 2019Publisher 2019Access 2019Skype for BusinessOneNoteKey can be used to upgrade your existing Office version or install a new copy How to install and activate   1.   Go to HTTPS://SETUP.OFFICE.COM/   2.   Login or create a Microsoft account    3.   Enter your product key   4.   Select country and language   5.   Download and wait for installation to complete   6.  .

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img Premium Mystery Steam Game

Purchase a random game from our pool of quality guaranteed titles. You will receive a mystery Steam key for a game of any genre - no asset flips, no IP rip offs, no RPG maker clones... Just games made by real developers with dependable quality.• All games will cost at least $8.99 or more at retail.• All games will have at least 70% positive Steam reviews or metacritic score.• Ethically sourced quality titles from real, passionate developers..

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Release Date: 2 Jun, 2018
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img Now Extinct Collector's Bundle

Welcome to the Now Extinct Collectors Bundle from Opium Pulses, 8 intriguing Steam titles, all with trading cards, from various genres no longer available for purchase - making this one of the last chances to own them all! All for a low, affordable price.This bundle has a limited quantity and once they're gone they're gone so be quick and grab yours before they go extinct forever!The Now Extinct Collectors Bundle features the following 8 Steam titles:Space Journey (Includes Achievements + Trading Cards)Escape.

Author: Rhyfel
icon 16.01.2019
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Gore Tech's evolution in video games.
Gore, video games have always been associated with the most visceral presentation of it even more so than movies at times due to it's interactive nature, but the actual tech used by games in order to develop a sense of tension and blood splattering violence has not always been incredibly convincing,
Author: peza12
icon 15.01.2019
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Retro Dose #32 - Pokemon Stadium
The move of the ultra-popular Pokemon franchise to the 3D world was a big step for a great series of games, but also for a powerful N64 console.It has been a long time since Pokemon ruled the world. Thanks to the recent appearance of Pokemon GO, it seems to us that
Author: Sarah Paula
icon 08.01.2019
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The Rise of eSports Scholarships
eSports hopefuls in the UK will have better opportunities in the future because of the addition of gaming scholarships. The  University of Roehampton London is offering the first eSports scholarship  program in the country this academic year (2019). Ten scholarships will be given for this first year and each will shoulder
Author: peza12
icon 02.01.2019
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Tanzia Review
I was always interested in WoW, but for some reason it was oftenly more frustrating than it was fun, mainly because of players who were just there to ruin your experience, then I got this game to review, and for some reason it reminds me of WoW, but single-player.The plot for
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Retro Dose #32 - Pokemon Stadium
@Ei Peza
The Pokemon Stadium we got in 2000 was actually Stadium 2, or the sequel of the 1998 Stadium, which remained the exclusive of the Japanese area. Do not be sad about it now and think you missed something. You did not, because that first Stadium turned out to be halfway done. Initial development for a CD reader called N64DD, and subsequent conversion to Nintendo 64 that occurred only after numerous delays, the first Stadium had only 42 Pokemon, and the ones you would switch to did not have the same moves.

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IndieGala: Friday Special Bundle #79
@Moon Moon
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