Who are Opium Pulses? Where have you come from?

Thank you for taking an interest! We’ve been around in one form or another since 2002 – visit our About Us page to learn more.

If I buy a game from you how is it delivered?

All our games are delivered as a digital key that can be redeemed on your chosen platform. All keys are delivered instantly (except pre-orders) and are saved on your account for future reference.

How do I redeem my game?

Click on the button below to get step by step instructions and you'll be downloading and playing your game in no time!


What if my game key doesn’t work?

All our games are guaranteed to work worldwide (unless otherwise stated). If you are having any problems with a key, please use the Contact Us form on this page and we will investigate immediately.

Where do your games come from and why are they so cheap?

Where possible we deal directly with game developers and publishers to sell their games directly to you, with no middle-men, meaning you get a game key guaranteed to work at the best possible price. Where this isn’t possible, we work with wholesalers and registered businesses only.

If I purchase a pre-order, when will I receive it?

As our systems are fully automated, the second we receive any pre-order keys from our supplier, our system will immediately send them out to you. This is normally on the games release date, but can sometimes be 1-3 days before.

How does the Wishlist system work?

Simple – See a game you want, but can’t afford right now? Add it to your Wishlist as a reminder for later. You can also view the Wishlist from anyone in your Friendlist and if you’re feeling generous, buy them a game that is sent directly to them!

I have earned some points on your site – how can I spend them?

When you are on the Checkout screen you will have the option to pay by points if you wish. Please note: partial payment by points is not possible and therefore you must have enough points to cover the full amount in your cart.

I want to know more about your Achievements and Loyalty Point systems.

Glad to hear it! Click on the below to read our article guides;

Achievements Loyalty Points

What is your policy on selling game keys from bundle sites?

We are 100% against it. Game developers already get very little payment for games they agree to sell on a bundle site and therefore we do not feel it is right to profit in any way from games sold this way. Where possible we will work directly with the developer to sell their games on our site, however when we know a game key has come from a bundle – we simply will not sell it.

I’m a game developer/publisher or gaming community and would like to discuss working with Opium Pulses.

We’d love to hear from you! Please use the Contact Us form or email us at admin@opiumpulses.com with details of your game(s) or community and we will be in touch asap.

Where can I find your Terms & Conditions and Privacy policy?

You can find them by visiting the links below:

Terms & Conditions Privacy policy