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    Group News

    10 Key Giveaway - EXON: The Impossible Challenge

    Opium Pulses Giveaways

    Opium Pulses have teamed up with our awesome friends over at Simple Interactive Games, to bring our members the chance of winning 1 of 10 copies of their hard as nails stealth game, EXON: The Impossible Challenge


    About EXON: The Impossible Challenge:

    A fast paced stealth game for those who have enough courage to face the impossible.

    Don’t let them catch you!​ Sneak behind the guards and find your way around to reach your objectives, but be careful, you must not be detected! If they see you it's game over.

    Are you ready? This is not for everyone!​


    • The Impossible Challenge is self explanatory.

    • If it's too much you can try The Very Hard Challenge instead.

    • There is no "Easy Challenge"!

    • You will play as a secret agent trying to stop a terrorist organization.

    • Your only goal is to get thru every location. Sounds simple? We'll see...

    • Two difficulty modes: "The Impossible Challenge" and "The Very Hard Challenge".

    • Stealth game mechanics - sneak up, hide, eliminate enemies and don’t let them catch you!

    • Challenging levels with a lot of enemies.

    How to enter:

    This giveaway will be held on the Opium Pulses' website. We're giving away 5 copies in the giveaway and another 5 copies to lucky commenters! Read the giveaway description for more information.

    For your chance to win a copy, just click here[www.opiumpulses.com]


    Chester Bennington of Linkin Park Dies Aged Just 41...

    Opium Pulses News

    Chester Charles Bennington - American musician, singer, songwriter and actor best known as the frontman for the nu-metal/rock band Linkin Park was found at his home in California today after committing suicide due to hanging.

    This was just a few short months after good friend and fellow musician Chris Cornell (Audioslave, Soundgarden) died of the same fate in May this year.

    Our thoughts at OP go out to his family, friends, the other members of Linkin Park plus all his his fans affected by the tragic news.

    May you rest in peace - thank you for the music <3

    Were you a fan of Linkin Park's music old or new? What was your favourite era and stand out track and what will you be listening to this week in Chester's honour?