Aqua: Naval Warfare
Release Date: 19 May, 2010
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In Aqua: Naval Warfare, the player takes control of an elite cruiser and steer into the middle of a raging naval war where masses of enemies and allies engage in real-time operations. Being attacked from above and below the water surface the player has to destroy masses of enemies' troops to be victorious. By unlocking new ship-types, weapons and upgrades, the player will have the opportunity to enhance his ship and gear up for the next fight.

Choosing from various tactics and forming special supporting squadrons, the player will also have the option to command offensive and defensive troops in order to overcome large enemy formations and defensive installations.

  • Classic shooter, unique environment: It's pick-up and play shooter gameplay with direct controls and easy to learn functions, coupled with a naval arcade steampunk presentation.
  • Ships, weapons, and customization: Three different player ship types each possess a distinctive super attack. Choose from many different weapons and customization upgrades for your ships, as you take on a large variety of enemy units, ships, submarines, airplanes, and huge steampunk-style biomechanical constructs.
  • Tactics: Command four different squad types as your support fleet, controlled through simple context-sensitive orders.
  • The open seas: Play on battle maps with large open areas and intelligent enemies providing a progressively growing choice of tactical options. There are six co-op and competitive maps to play with friends on a single console.

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Please check official sources for backwards compatibility with Xbox One.

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