Fortnite: Deluxe Edition (EMEA ONLY)
Release Date: 25 Jul, 2017
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note: to redeem this code, you need to download the 'epic games launcher' from WWW.EPICGAMES.COM 

note: this product will only redeem in emea (europe, middle east & asia) regions

As well as the base game, Fortnite: Deluxe Edition includes:

Rare Starter Weapon Pack
Whether you’re fond of mowing down Husks at range or getting up close and personal, this pack has all the weapon schematics you’ll need to succeed.
Includes Breacher Schematic, Retractable Floor Spikes Schematic, Ninja Sword Schematic, Scoped Bullseye Schematic & Crusader Schematic.

Exclusive Founder's Pistol
As an exclusive Founder’s benefit, you’ll receive the Revolt pistol schematic. It’s able to fire very rapidly with a large magazine and decent accuracy thanks to a laser sight. Everyone needs a trusty sidearm.

Starter Hero Pack

Start off with eight powerful Heroes, two from each class to show the Husk that you mean business.

33 Pinata Packs
Includes 24 Daily Loot pinata packs, 4 exclusive Founder's Loot Pinata Packs and 5 Immediate Loot Pinata Packs.

50 extra vault inventory slots
You need to store all your crafting items and schematics between missions somewhere and extra vault inventory slots will help you build up your arsenal faster.

10 in-game banner icons
Personalize your account with 10 exclusive banners to show off on your profile.

10 XP Boosts for you
Build up your arsenal of powerful Heroes faster with these XP boosts.

10 XP Boosts to share
Share the love with your friends with these giftable XP boosts.

About the Game

The Storm came without warning. 98% of the world's population vanished … then came the monsters. Lead the world's remaining Heroes in the fight to save humanity and take back the world. Explore the large, destructible world where no two games are ever the same. Build huge forts, craft exotic weapons, find loot and level up your Heroes. Take on the Storm with four player online co-op. Welcome to Epic Games’ new Action Building game, Fortnite.

Don't take shelter... Make it!

The revolutionary building system allows you to create extravagant forts while juggling frenetic combat. Lure the monsters into devastating traps that use poison darts, metal spikes, and sentry guns. But build wisely. The monster hordes can smell design flaws like fresh meat.

Hero Complex

Recruit and train commandos, ninjas, constructors, and outlanders to take on the monster hordes. For your most dangerous missions, assign your biggest badasses to Hero Squads and take back Earth together.

Master the Craft

Use scavenged resources to craft ridiculous weapons like homemade sniper rifles, hydraulic mining axes, and launch pads that send monsters flying. As you move your heroes up the skill tree, unlock schematics for even wilder weapons of DIY destruction.

Make Friends

With seamless drop-in,drop-out co-op play and procedurally generated maps, Fortnite is fun for shooters, builders, explorers, and ninjas alike.

System Requirements

Recommended System Requirements:

  • Nvidia GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870 equivalent DX11 GPU
  • 2 GByte VRAM
  • Core i5 2.8 Ghz
  • 8 GByte RAM
  • Windows 7/8/10 64-bit

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Intel HD 4000
  • Core i3 2.4 Ghz
  • 4 GByte RAM
  • Windows 7/8/10 64-bit + Mac OSX Sierra

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