Battlefield Hardline Deluxe Content: All Exclusive Battlepacks + 10 Gold Battlepacks
Release Date: 17 Mar, 2015
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note: this content requires the base game - battlefield hardline - on xbox 360 in order to play

This pack includes:

  • Versatility Battlepack

  • Precision Battlepack

  • Suppression Battlepack

  • 10 Gold Battlepacks (delivered once a week starting from your initial game activation)


Versatility Battlepack
Features a highly versatile assault rifle, a unique camo skin for your weapons, and a XP boost.

Precision Battlepack
Features one of the most accurate assault rifles, a unique camo skin for your weapons, and a XP boost.

Suppression Battlepack
Features an assault rifle with the largest magazine capacity, a unique camo skin for all your weapons, and a XP boost.

Gold Battlepacks
A Gold Battlepack contains 5 items, including a minimum of 2 Advanced items and 2 Standard items, with a bonus 5th item, that contains the likelihood of a Distinguished item, not present in a Silver Battlepack.
Battlepacks contain a combination of weapon accessory vouchers, patches, melee weapons, XP boosts, loadouts, and character & vehicle customization options. There are 4 levels of item rarity: Standard, Advanced, Superior, & Distinguished.

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