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Fable Heroes is a hack and slash adventure game. The player plays as one of 12 characters from across the four Fable games and are presented in a hero doll form which are a recognisable item from the series. The game features up to 4 player co-op through Xbox Live or through local multiplayer as well as online leaderboard and time trials for competitive play.

In the game the player journeys through Albion and fights against familiar foes and new enemies to collect coins that are used to unlock new items and characters in Fable Heroes as well as Fable: The Journey, there are also boss fights in the game as well as smaller enemies which are fought in groups. Familiar enemies from the series include Chesty, Hobbes, Beetles and Hollow Men.

There are also items in the levels, hidden within chests, that grant the player temporary abilities such as Slow Time, and items that give the player temporary disguises, like a Hobbe Costume, that hide the player from the relevant enemies so that they don't attack the player.

The game also features mini-games that are separate from the main game and are based on various ideas from the series, which include mine cart racing and avoiding chickens for a certain amount of time.

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