Let's Play Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation! (Part 1/2)
Hola my peeps! We're gonna play Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation (yep, that's the entire title!) by Suncrash Studios! It's a lot of fun so far, and we've just barely scratched the surface of all the things we can do! I will definitely be putting up another part soon!
Console Alternatives - SNES Mini (Super Nintendo Classic)
Here we review the ACTUAL SNES mini/classic.
Console Alternatives - NES Mini (THE REAL EDITION)
Here we review the ACTUAL NES mini. Enjoy!
Console Alternatives - The fake NES Classic 2 (CoolBaby?)
Here we have an unboxing and playing of another fake NES Classic, I purchased what was meant to be a CoolBaby but this turned up instead!
Christmas Special - Unboxing!
Here is a very late Christmas special. We unbox loads of stuff purchased for me over the Christmas period. Have fun!
Postal XX - 20th Anniversary Edition Unboxing!
Here we unbox the Postal XX 20th Anniversary Edition! Enjoy!
Call of Duty Special Unboxing!
Here we have the Call of Duty Special unboxing! I know it's shit you don't need to tell me.
Halloween Special 2017!
Happy Halloween! I don't really know what to say here... Just watch it!
Cheap Tech - Ultra 8 Bit Video Game!?
Here I review a console called the "Retro 8 Bit Video Game". This is certainly a weird one, without considering the fact it didn't even work!
Loot Crate July 2017 Unboxing
Here we unbox a donated Loot Crate for the month of July 2017
Opium Pulses Visits EGX 2017!
We visit EGX 2017 and have a few videos and pictures to show!
Console Alternatives - The fake NES Classic?!
This is part of the Cheap Tech series and the Console Alternative series. I bought this for £21 on eBay. I, of course, did not have time to show every game but would be happy to show ore in another video if people are interested.
Expensive Tech - Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tac Pack!
Here we unbox and look at the Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tac Pack. We don't show it working on the setup, just simply an unboxing.
Half-Life Generations Unboxing
Here is an unboxing of the big box edition of Half-Life Generation.
Unbagging Giveaway - The results!
Here are the results for the giveaway with clips from some of the entries!
Cheap Tech - £28 Mechanical Keyboard
This is a review of the RuYiNiao K-26 keyboard! It is, of course, a budget mechanical keyboard but mechanical nonetheless! Mine was bought on Amazon and did take a couple of weeks to arrive but I was surprised by the quality considering the price!
Cheap Tech - £15 HAVIT gaming mouse and keyboard!
Here we have a £15 gaming mouse and keyboard set which appears to be made by a company called "HAVIT". Before anyone says anything, of course, I did not buy that PC for myself but rather just because I found someone selling it for a cheap price and I thought I'd be able to resell it quite easily.
MyGeekBox Unbagging
This is an unbagging of the MyGeekBox purchased at ComicCon in London 2017.

In the video we mention a giveaway, make a video which rips us apart and we will send you the goodies!

List of items currently gathered to send to the winner:

*x70 Batman v Superman stickers
*Uncharted 4 sticker
*Loot Crate Magazine
*Uncharted 4 Poster
*Resident Evil VII Poster
*Uncharted 4 wristband
*Uncharted scarf
*x2 Mario wristbands
*Playstation sticker
*Transformer figure
*Daredevil figure keyring
*GamaGo Phoney Friend
*Loot Crate badge
*Uncharted metal keyring
*Playstation FC metal pin badge
*Umbrella Corps metal pin badge
*Loot Crate gift tags
*Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shredder mask
*Playstation beanie
*Postal tag
*Postal tattoo
*Opium Pulses lanyard
*Opium Pulses business card

Submissions must either be tweeted to us @OpiumPulses or put in the comments of this video and/or the zbox video.