Carrie's Order Up!
Release Date: 13 Sep, 2016
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Carrie's Order Up! is a challenging arcade game inspired by the likes of Pac-Man and Game & Watch. As Carrie, a crab waitress in a port town's restaurant, you have to serve spaghetti, pancakes, and burgers to all kinds of sea creatures without bumping into them! Using twitch reflexes and Carrie's spin-to-win moves, can you beat all 20 rounds and get a high score?


  • Service Mode featuring 20 Rounds of food serving and fish skirting!
  • Unlockables: Endless mode, new level layouts, color palettes... and a playable extra character!
  • 160 side challenges for completionists!
  • Customizable controls, sound levels, window size
  • In-game record keeping
  • High score tables that help emulate the old-school arcade feel
  • Colorful, SNES-quality pixel art
  • Straightforward mechanics, with tricks to learn if you want to master the game!
  • Hours of replayability for those that want a challenge!

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