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This is a Digital Homicide Giveaway

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To celebrate the start of the Steam summer sale, Digital Homicide Game Studios are generously giving away 5,000 copies of their epic rouge-like dungeon crawler, Deadly Profits

Digital Homicide are participating in the sale with the majority of their titles, offering savings of up to 86% off.

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As well as a solid Steam line-up Digital Homicide also have some awesome titles on Steam Greenlight. Here are some of our top picks:

Merle Wizard Extrodinaire Series

The Kingdom is in trouble! Evil minions have invade Merle's peaceful land and are playing tricks on his friends. Help Merle send these minions back their own lands. Enjoy endless levels and endless fun in this family friendly action game. Purchase upgrades to help Merle progress in missions and special moves to help with boss rounds. It's up to Merle to drive out these pesky minions and restore peace to his kingdom. 


  • Purchase super upgrades for Merle to help on his missions! 

  • Purchase special moves to help Merle succeed! 

  • Variety of cool minions to vanquish!

  • Challenging and fun boss rounds!

  • Endless play see how long you can last!

  • And More!

Check out the Merle Wizard Extrodinaire  series on Steam Greenlight:

Mike The Astronaut Series

After a swift victory on Arturian Eleven Mike the Astronaut has finally arrived on Arturian Twelve to take care of business. Mike's run into more than he has bargained for however as the Alien invaders have sent thousands of squadrons of craft to take the place out.

The Arturian's (There's only two resident's nobody is sure why they didn't just move) will be eternally grateful to Mike for his magnificent effort to curb the alien invasion. Help Mike succeed!

Check out Mike The Astronaut on Steam Greenlight:

Battle on Arturian Twelve           Assault on Thalasian 5          ZENTARU ARMADA

  • WawawaLuigi
    June 27, 2016

    I saw from your comment the Steam group and said you will not promote any of DH as a company and their greenlight only on there. Why not also remove it from here?

  • Stormbl8
    June 27, 2016

    DH??? Seriously??! What a dark day for OP.

  • SlipSlot
    June 27, 2016

    Firstly, this giveaway had already begun so deleting it with member entries placed would be unfair. Secondly we offer promotion of greenlight titles in return for keys that our members can win to any developer - it's not our place to judge their practise, we are simply offering a giveaway platform to them just as it was built to be. We're still in discussions about whether we do any future promotions with DH, but for now, this stays open to honour the nearly 1000 members that entered before we took our Steam announcement down. Our reputation and the thoughts of our members is incredibly important to Opium Pulses, if you want to support us and influence the decisions that are made, please provide feedback that is useful to us, calling it a dark day or saying our reputation is now lost only hurts us while doesn't offer us much in terms of helping us moving forward.

    • I agree, that you can't just put it down now and absolutly not asking for such thing. And to be honest, I think you're doing a great job! (with this exception) Your Site is all-around pretty well, don't get me wrong, but promoting a company (rightfully) hated by many people will hurt your reputation. Just today there were warnings about ANOTHER Group promoting games of shady devs (I'm not naming the group that made the warning, since they don't want to get into trouble with any shady devs) What i'm trying to say is: watch on who you support or you might get into trouble <--- not threatening trying to save you from this.

      DH is definetly (among?) the worst companies to support, just look at the greenlight titles you promote. guess what? they toss those space invaders clones all over greenlight without even trying to hide their copy-pasting anymore. + once on steam they only add trading cards to the games and be done with them. Small proof about copy-pasting:

      1. the promoted games - 3 times the exact same!

      2. A thread of theirs, they look all like this: http://steamcommunity.com/app/473630/discussions/0/357287304414882839/ It's not Krog Wars.

      3. they added TWELVE games to greenlight at the same date 3 times the same thing of 3 of their submissions.

      anyways, trying to help and shed some light on why this was a very bad idea.

  • jocikatata
    June 27, 2016

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    July 07, 2016

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    July 07, 2016

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