Console Alternatives - The HD Color
Here we check out the strange console from Cool Sirrah, the HD color (2?).
Console Alternatives - Playvision Intellivision 25 in 1
Here we review the Intellivision 25 in 1 console by Playvision!
Let's Play Postal 2 in Co-op! - Day 1
Here is the first episode of our new let's play series, where we play Postal 2, 1 day per episode! We accidentally recorded in ultrawide so sadly the sides of the video are cut off, leaving you guys clueless to our health or inventory items. We will fix this in future videos!
Opium Pulses Visits EGX 2019!
We visited EGX again this year and here we discuss the good and bad points!
Console Alternatives - N-Joypad (It takes CDs!)
Here we have our first system from console alternatives to actually take CDs... Kinda. It's the strangest plug n' play console we have ever seen.
Full RWS and Postal Collection!
Here we show off some more Postal and Running With Scissors related merch! We heard about the announcement of Postal 4 the day after recording this.
Console Alternatives - TV Boy 2!
Here we check out the TV Boy 2! Very similar to our previous video covering the Super TV Boy! Still an interesting part of console history! Still can't get the music out our heads.
Comparing Wireless VR Headsets
Here we compare a variety of different wireless VR headsets from cheapo off-brand phone headsets, to the latest and greatest stand alone headset, the Oculus Quest! Featuring in order that they appear: VRIT, Google Daydream View, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Go, Oculus Quest
Console Alternatives - The JPAD Advance!
Here we review and play the JPAD Advance found in some charity shop for cheap! It's about as good as we expected!
Console Alternatives - Super HD Mini (Super Mini SFC)
Here we explore another clone console, this time it's a SNES clone. As always, we have amazing fun playing some of these terrible games.
Console Alternatives - The Zone Mini
Here we unbox and review the Zone Mini. another cheap console found second-hand! Always fun to review these things!
Gears of War Special Unboxing!
Here we unbox special and limited edition Gears of War games from the original to GoW Judgment!
Oculus Quest Unboxing and Comparison!
Here we have an unboxing of the new Oculus Quest and a comparison to other stand-alone headsets such as the Oculus Go and Samsung GearVR.
Console Alternatives - Legends Flashback
Here we unbox and play the Flashback Legends by AtGames! Bought from one of the many amazing thrift stores in the US!
Console Alternatives - The Atari Flashback Blast!
Here we unbox and play the Atari Flashback Blast by AtGames! Bought from one of the many amazing thrift stores in the US!
Console Alternatives - Power Kracker 2014!
Here we review a second-hand Power Kracker 2014 bought from one of the many amazing thrift stores in the US!
Christmas 2018 Special
Here we have the Christmas Special episode with gifts bought for Warren!
We unbox 4 Nerd Blocks at once!
Here we open 4 different mystery boxes, from Nerd Block, Sci-Fi Block, Horror Block and Arcade Block!