Console Alternatives - Tevo 200 in 1!
Here we have a plug and play JoyPad console made by Tevo. It has 200 games on it and plugs straight into your TV. I'm pretty impressed by this little fella!
Official NES/SNES Minis vs Fake Copies
Here we compare fake NES consoles we have previously made videos on, with the legitimate consoles!
Let's Play Juicy Realm! (Part 3/3)
The final part! Finally was able to put this together, and even used some editing effects to enhance my shenanigans! Anyways, you wanted to see the levels 3 and 4? You got it! Complete with bosses! And nerd rage! Fruit ghosts! A birthday party! And a Giant Enemy Crab! Let's go!
Let's Play Juicy Realm! (Part 2/3)
Yikes, found out about not having a save/checkpoint system! So we'll do it again, but with different characters! Let's make some fruit salad! *sunglasses*
Let's Play Juicy Realm! (Part 1/3)
A world of fruit gone bad? Nope, it ain't your break room refrigerator..... it's Juicy Realm! It's a rogue-like action/shooter set in a world overrun by sentient fruit, and the humans fighting against them for survival!
Let's Play Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation! (Part 2/2)
Oh man, here we go! For this next part, I show a bit more of the gameplay we can expect deeper into the game. Things get a bit hectic...and someone DIES!? Let's jump in and see how this goes!
Let's Play Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation! (Part 1/2)
Hola my peeps! We're gonna play Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation (yep, that's the entire title!) by Suncrash Studios! It's a lot of fun so far, and we've just barely scratched the surface of all the things we can do! I will definitely be putting up another part soon!
Console Alternatives - SNES Mini (Super Nintendo Classic)
Here we review the ACTUAL SNES mini/classic.
Console Alternatives - NES Mini (THE REAL EDITION)
Here we review the ACTUAL NES mini. Enjoy!
Console Alternatives - The fake NES Classic 2 (CoolBaby?)
Here we have an unboxing and playing of another fake NES Classic, I purchased what was meant to be a CoolBaby but this turned up instead!
Christmas Special - Unboxing!
Here is a very late Christmas special. We unbox loads of stuff purchased for me over the Christmas period. Have fun!
Postal XX - 20th Anniversary Edition Unboxing!
Here we unbox the Postal XX 20th Anniversary Edition! Enjoy!
Call of Duty Special Unboxing!
Here we have the Call of Duty Special unboxing! I know it's shit you don't need to tell me.
Halloween Special 2017!
Happy Halloween! I don't really know what to say here... Just watch it!
Cheap Tech - Ultra 8 Bit Video Game!?
Here I review a console called the "Retro 8 Bit Video Game". This is certainly a weird one, without considering the fact it didn't even work!
Loot Crate July 2017 Unboxing
Here we unbox a donated Loot Crate for the month of July 2017
Opium Pulses Visits EGX 2017!
We visit EGX 2017 and have a few videos and pictures to show!
Console Alternatives - The fake NES Classic?!
This is part of the Cheap Tech series and the Console Alternative series. I bought this for £21 on eBay. I, of course, did not have time to show every game but would be happy to show ore in another video if people are interested.