Cheap Tech - Sega Megadrive Arcade Ultimate Portable
A review of an amazing handheld console called the Sega Megadrive Arcade Ultimate Portable. Best Sega MegaDrive/Genesis retro handheld I have ever tried.
Dead Island Riptide: Zombie Bait Edition Unboxing (GONE SEXUAL)
This an unboxing of the Zombie Bait Edition of Dead Island: Riptide! This is a special and limited click bait edition unboxing video, because, how else will we get views?
Postal Special Unboxing - 10th Anniversary Collectors Edition.
Here we unbox various postal related items, including the 10th anniversary krotchyo's collectors edition! Sorry about the long name..
Doom Special Unboxing - Very Rare Edition Included!
Here we unbox/review many different DOOM games and merchandise. Included in the video is a special very rare DOOM edition which I struggle to find content about elsewhere. Enjoy!
Fallout Anthology and more Unboxing
Unboxing the Fallout Anthology and a few more Fallout related items!
Gears of War 4 Huge Crate Unboxing
SlipSlot from Opium Pulses unboxes the brand new Gears of War 4 Huge Crate. Not too bad at all for the price!
Combat Loot Crate (November 2015) Unboxing
LewisLol from Opium Pulses unboxes a Combat LootCrate and describes the contents.
Opium Pulses Visits EGX 2016!
A collection of videos and photos taken during our visit to EGX 2016 on the 22nd of september!
Cheap Tech - 33p/43c Gaming Mouse!
This is a review of a mouse which I bought, 3 for £1! Meaning this mouse cost me only 33p! For what it cost, I am very pleasantly surprised!
Cheap Tech - £1 Gaming Mouse!
In this video I unbox and review a £1 "gaming" mouse bought on eBay.
Halo Legendary Loot Crate Unboxing
SlipSlot from Opium Pulses unboxes a brand new Halo Legendary Loot Crate, showing and describing the contents. Recorded by LewisLol
E3 Huge Crate Unboxing
SlipSlot from Opium Pulses unboxes a brand new E3 exclusive Huge Crate and describes the contents. Recorded by LewisLol
Square Heroes - Gameplay & Review

MrWoodenSheep plays Square Heroes. A shooter where you get to shoot up your friends as a square!

Grey Cubes - Gameplay & Review

MrWoodenSheep plays Grey Cubes. Based on the classic Breakout genre, but with a 3D world & physics.

Halo MCC HALO 2 BLASTacular! Achievement Guide
Halo: The Master Chief Collection Achievement Guide. BLASTactular! Achievement. Sorry for the poor quality of the audio near the start and end of the video. UPLOAD STUDIO must have lagged while editing. This shouldn't happen again. All rights to Halo: MCC are reserved for Microsoft and 343 Industries.
Top 5 Games From My Xbox One Playlist - Harley Zoom
This may be a series that will become a weekly thing. The editing is fairly easy and fast to do so it may not be a chore like the podcast was. I enjoy making these videos but you are what is important. Do you like this series? Do you want more? Leave your feedback in the comment section below.