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    Group News

    Winners, Please let me reach out to you!

    Opium Pulses Giveaways

    Over the past few months, every Saturday has been an AAA giveaway day, oh, it is still on going(except uh...last week).

    I have been busy recently but I am free now, without extra charges. Hence why I am here, asking for all the winners that I have failed to contact, would you kindly fill me in into your friend list so that I can send you the prize you deserved? I have added you all on OP site, please accept me! I promise I will be a good friend.

    Mafia II[opiumpulses.com]gerbercage[opiumpulses.com]Not Received
    Spec Ops: The Line[opiumpulses.com]Danielking1601[opiumpulses.com] Not Received
    Resident Evil 4[opiumpulses.com]yyyswss[opiumpulses.com] Not Received
    Half Life Complete Pack[opiumpulses.com]AlexanPT[opiumpulses.com] Not Received
    Penumbra Collectors Pack[www.opiumpulses.com]ThePlayerBeta[www.opiumpulses.com] Not Received

    Oh and I just found out my inventory is flooded because Steam decided to condensate into water. So come and grab your game before it all been flushed away.

    A big shoutout to Dragon-avenger, ❆PhantonGualterio❆ and PreaFericitu' GEORGE=DD for their recent generous product key giveaways in the overview comment section!!!


    Sign up for the Ghost Recon: Wildlands now!

    Opium Pulses News

    Just a few hours ago, sign-ups for the closed beta of the Ghost Recon: Wildlands went online!

    Sign ups are open and ready for the potential players on the official Ghost Recon site [ghost-recon.ubisoft.com]. There's no date included yet, but reports claim that there's going to be multiple betas, so if you're not picked for the first one, don't worry - there's still a chance for you to try it out the next time.

    Here's the first trailer of the game , to make sure that it's something what you would love to join. But come on, who wouldn't.

    The games seems to be an open world with a ton of customizations availiable as you progress. First thing that came to my mind, was a mix up of The Division, the fresh Hitman title and with a little bit of Just Cause 3. Anyway, it should be rather awesome, especially with friends as, it seems to be 1-4 players co-op.

    Ghost Recon: Wildlands is going to be released for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on March 7, 2017. I already can't wait.