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South Park - The Fractured But (not so) Whole
South Park - The Fractured But Whole

As promised, a new article for the released & played South Park - The Fractured But Whole.
Well, not so much released and played as intentionally planned AND promised. I actually planned to write kind of a review
about the game, my personal experiences and about what you can expect in the game AFTER(!) I played it.
Chances are quite there that this is never going to happen. Or at least very late.
Who knows?!

We can only speculate about what's really the reason or the reasons behind the procrastination of the final release, but for sure
it's not only pissing me off, many fans already spoke out their anger and in my opinion, they are totally right and have legit reasons.
A delay of a release of a game does first of all not necessarily mean that it automatically will be better eventually. We have more
than enough examples on that and one of them is from the same house South Park has been made in. After three delays
of the final version, The Division still could not hold what was promised before.

The same issue is now likely to happen to South Park, with the difference that there is no firm release date anymore.
According to sources, the release date was now procrastinated to the entire business year of Ubisoft,
which means the game can get released anytime around 2017. That's not only being freaking long,
that's a shitty behaviour and way to delay a game's release. Will it even get released after all?
That's not even quite sure. Maybe rumours are true and  Matt Stone and Trey Parker (founders of South Park series) 
want it to be perfect and that's why it's been delayed so much.
Maybe Ubisoft just changed their mind and we have to deal with the thought of a never released sequel.

The only update I can give you that specific moment is that it's supposed(!) to be released 2017, but no further information exist.
We can only hope and - if you do that - pray that will be released shortly.  After all or at least you will get the
first game "The Stick of Truth" for free when you buy/pre-order the slightly fractured but whole. For a game that's going
to be 60€ I expect service and at least the same amount of laughter the Stick of Truth gave me. I recommend you though
to not pre-order the game now. Since we do not know if it's going to be released at all or how long it takes,  it could not be
worth the money you spent.

Of course I'm going to update you with the newest information as soon as I know something more. I bet there are many of you
South Parkers that wait patiently for a release and want to get back to the little town in Colorado. If you do not know the first
article I wrote about the game, you can look it up under this link here 

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    April 19, 2017

    Nice Article :D i can not wait any longer  

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    April 29, 2017

    Wow :O

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    April 29, 2017

    Nice Article 

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    May 01, 2017


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