OP Store Being Stripped Back

Almost 10 years ago now, three brothers from the United Kingdom decided to productively use their passion for the gaming industry to set up and run a digital games store. Starting with just a few products bought in bulk from a single wholesaler, we slowly built connections, partnered with developers and broadened our selection until we had just shy of 10,000 products for sale.This journey brought with it lots of obstacles and difficulties, the worst being organised point farming and mass fraud which has slowly turned what was once a passionate project filled with pride, joy and fulfilling experiences, into mornings


Sanctions on Russian OP Accounts

Due to the ongoing level of fraud, account hijacking, point farming, multi-accounting and abuse of exploits with our website and content, we have sadly decided to close the door to new and existing users from the Russian Federation.During the conflict in Ukraine (which we personally and professionally stand strongly against), we had considered early on whether to put sanctions on Russian customers, ultimately we decided not to do this as we didn't feel comfortable putting restrictions on innocent, legitimate and anti-war residents that have been customers with us for many years, we were one of very few European companies who decided


We're giving away $100 OP Store Credit!

Hey Opiates! Happy December to you all! To welcome the festive season we're kicking off a fan art competition to win OP store credit and a chance to have your art officially featured in this year's Opium Pulses Christmas Sale. We'd like our community to draw our mascot 'Opius' with a movie theme of their choice (Gremlins, Home Alone, Frozen, Ghostbusters, Child's Play, Toy Story, E.T. etc.) - a picture of Opius for reference has been added below. The winners will be picked sometime before December 17th, when our sale and on-site giveaway celebrations will begin. The winning piece of art will be used as the


Opium Pulses Arcade 4.0 Release!

Since the discontinuation of Flash Player by Adobe in December 2020, the days of Flash-based browser games are beginning to feel like a distant memory. As reported by us in October 2019, referring to the then-upcoming deadline as the Death of Browser Games, we spoke about what this meant for the decades of creative media and interactive games built for mass consumption and even how it would have a huge impact on the Opium Pulses Arcade, which had since amassed nearly 300 Flash games since its introduction in 2013.As we always had a feeling the future of Flash titles were numbered,


Celebrating 5 Years of OP Giveaways!

Opium Pulses Giveaways went into public Beta on 27th March 2016 and officially launched on 20th May 2016. This means that for over five years, members of Opium Pulses have been able to visit the site and enter new and exciting giveaways for games of all types, genres, and sizes - every day of the week!We wanted to share some incredible milestones and stats from the last five years that really puts into perspective what our giveaway platform has achieved since its introduction to our community.We recently passed the milestone of 10,000 individual giveaways. Just think of the man-hours!Between March 2016 and

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