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OP Store Being Stripped Back

Almost 10 years ago now, three brothers from the United Kingdom decided to productively use their passion for the gaming industry to set up and run a digital games store. Starting with just a few products bought in bulk from a single wholesaler, we slowly built connections, partnered with developers and broadened our selection until we had just shy of 10,000 products for sale.

This journey brought with it lots of obstacles and difficulties, the worst being organised point farming and mass fraud which has slowly turned what was once a passionate project filled with pride, joy and fulfilling experiences, into mornings of waking up wondering what the next targeted attack would be on our service - this coupled with the fact that all our sales run on razor-thin margins to allow us to compete with a sea of more organised websites, has made running the store long-term on the scale we planned simply unfeasible and would eventually lead to the closure of Opium Pulses as a whole.

Due to this, we have decided to majorly strip back our offerings in both the OP Store and Trove, to a selective fraction of our original product lineup. Essentially we're taking the focus away from being a store, and more back to being a jack-of-all-trades gaming community. We have no plans to stop our articles, giveaways, videos or free-to-play Arcade and new products will still come to the store, just at a much slower rate than before.

This means over the next few weeks you will likely see the selection of products steadily drop from thousands to just a few hundred. While this work takes place, some orders may have lengthy delays or fail to process at all. Be assured these will be processed eventually, it just could take a lot of time as we're a small team with full-time responsibilities, we ask for your patience while we carry out the work.

In the meantime, we're keen to get feedback from our community on what other things you'd like to see Opium Pulses do, is there specific types of content you'd like to read in our articles section, is there unique giveaway types we could experiment with? Are there any video variants you enjoy and think we should do more of? Any HTML5 games you enjoy that you'd like to see join the Arcade? Should we bring the podcast back? - Hell, would you like to be part of it? Join us as a content creator and share your unique perspective with the next generation of Opium Pulses members! Join our officially verified Discord server to express your interest.

While we're sure our hardcore customers will be disappointed by the news, we're afraid it's unfortunately been a long time coming and we're sadly out of ideas to take the store to the next level.

We're genuinely excited about returning to our roots and focusing more on content than sales, and we hope you'll join us! <3

The Opium Pulses Team

  • BillyBoB
    September 18, 2023
    The trove currently only has 45 articles and it is mostly, let's be fair, random indie games. What is there to cut back on?
    • The Trove had already been cut back, the store is where the bulk of the work needs to be done as this can't be done automatically like we could with the Trove.

      That said, we expect to be able to add more to the Trove once the store work has been completed so it should actually increase a little. 

      • UPDATE: There are now 100 products in the Trove. Of course, the majority of these are smaller or novelty titles, as there's no way to purchase OP points and fraud up to now basically cut away the little profit we made from things like quests or ads, they're essentially reskinned giveaways, so there's only so much we can list for "purchase" there.

        The store will include both Trove and standard products, so is the place to look for any more premium games you might want - but again, as per the article, this is majorly being stripped back and will hold limited titles moving forward.

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