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Content Creators with Opium Pulses

Whatever your talent or passion, Opium Pulses has a service that enables you to share your unique and personalised content to an engaged and relevant audience.

Reviewers and Curators
If you've always wanted to get into reviewing and sharing your thoughts and opinions on video games good and bad, we have the platform for you to do so. You'll be provided with regular press copies of games to review and curate and share with the thousands of OP members and beyond. You can review any game you like, new or old and are not restricted to just positive reviews.

News and Article Writers

If you enjoy telling friends about recent headlines from the gaming industry or fancy yourself as a more established writer, we have platforms that offer you an immediate audience; a News group on Steam with over 20,000 members and our website with a dedicated articles feature that has thousands of unique visits every day.

YouTube / Twitch Broadcasters

Always wanted to get in to hosting your own video series or regular streaming shows? Well we have established channels with the tools to create an audience. You'll become part of the team and will provide a fundamental service to the Opium Pulses member base! All videos will be featured on the Opium Pulses official website.

Community Moderators
After joining Discord and getting partnered, Opium Pulses' community has grown incredibly fast and has a vibrant and active community, if you like helping moderate chat rooms and live discussions then we're always looking for people to join the team and help us keep our members happy and safe!

Graphic Designers
From time to time we like to outsource some graphic design work to people in our community to look for fresh talent, this can range from website page designs, to promote banners and logos. If you think you're able to produce work on a level with what you see on this website then get in touch and share your interest.

Bundle and Deal Announcers
We all love a bargain and being the one to save hundreds of people money on a cracking deal is even better. If you'd like to share information on deals, bundles and sales all over the internet, including OP's own store, we have a Savings group 20,000+ members strong that are waiting for you to save their wallet!

Giveaway and Event Creators

Giving stuff away is fun; we all love it when someone less fortunate does a back flip in excitement because he just won a game of yours. Opium Pulses does giveaways the way they should be done and we feel good because of it. If you like sharing the love, we have 50,000+ members in our giveaway group and our very own giveaways platform for you to jump in to!

Bot Developers
We have custom made bots running in our Steam and Discord communities, built and maintained by members of the community, but we're always looking for people with the skills to lend a hand on larger projects or to ease the pressure off the other developers. If you can code, and in particular have knowledge of nodejs, then you might be the perfect person to help develop and improve the bots that serve our community.

To apply with us for one of the following positions, or to suggest one of your own, please fill out the following application: http://opiumpulses.com/article/201
  • ErnestVentures
    June 08, 2016
    Hello, I have asked this before but you didnt have anything set up really but now that you do, I would love to be of help. I stream 6 days a week, been doing this for 2 years now. I have over 9,000 views totoal and over 300 followers. I already tell people if they are looking for a game to check your store first. I also do giveaways semi regularly. Anyway ide love to help out. Heres my steam http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198141227888/
    • Hey there Ernest, Can I confirm first that what you'd like to do is stream for us, and secondly that you'd be happy to stream on our channel? We'd offer the promotion and keys for any giveaways. Thanks for getting in contact :)
  • Cede Maiori
    June 08, 2016
    As requested I will leave a comment, you will find my Steam ID just right here: http://steamcommunity.com/id/CedeMaiori/ I am interested in News and Article writer just as well as a Reviewer/Curator. I have some experience in that area and would like to take it to a professional level. Doing it for OP would be such a professional chance that I'd gladly take.
  • coolyer
    June 09, 2016
    I have left a comment on your profile i would like to be Reviewer or Curator as im a games devloper and i love always breaking down games showing the good and the bad i like breaking down indi games as they have some mechanics which people wouldnt even notice that make the game the game it is. I do enjoy reviewing AAA as there is so much little stuff id like to talk about them. If i had the chance id love to be reviewing games very professional and giving my opinions on them. My Steam ID :http://steamcommunity.com/id/coolyer/
  • BogdanIoan
    June 09, 2016
    Will you provide the keys for the giveaway creators?
  • KanekoHato
    June 10, 2016
    Hi slip well i want to help here, i have a youtube channel and ill try to make a giveaways every day, and writing a review about games at op sites, etc hope this enough for the explaination. oh and here is my steam id : http://steamcommunity.com/id/pratomoastan Thanks, Best Regards
    • Hey Pratomoastan, I think it seems you'd be more suited to a general moderator role at the giveaways group since you want to do so much and already contribute so many giveaways to our members. So I'd suggest filling out an application form at our giveaway group :)
  • WickedVisage
    June 18, 2016
    http://steamcommunity.com/id/TheOnlyWickedVisage/ Love reviewing and trying new games. My PC stats are on my Steam profile page.
  • Galibabinac
    July 02, 2016
    Ive put comment on steam profile ^_^
  • Artelious
    July 10, 2016
    Interested to apply on both Reviewers/Curators and Giveaway section. http://steamcommunity.com/id/artelious/ I'm more to a RPG indie lover, I usually play rpg games and find out bugs or help out to spot any possible goodies/tricks in games sometimes. I'm also quite a bias to horror category games. Hence if possible, I'd be glad to do give away once in a month or week for the love of horror games. o wo
  • Semeicardia
    September 01, 2017

    I have added your steam profile to discuss a few things, some of which involves a game promotion / giveaway, live streaming and game-reviewing.

  • SlipSlot
    December 14, 2017

    For all future applications, please apply here: http://opiumpulses.com/article/201

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