Ad Infernum Review

Waking up within the mysterious confines of what simply seems like a stranded desert gas station, you must use your brains, brawn, and finesse to make it long enough to find enough answers to help you escape. Unsure of what is quite reality or a horrible, dusty delusion- struggle to get your bearings and simply survive as you delve deeper into this survival/psychological horror immersive sim by Glass Knuckle Games. With only your flashlight and hammer in hand, seek a way out- hopefully without loosing your head, physically or mentally, in the process.One of a select few safe rooms, one of


The Planet Crafter Review

What A Rough Landing...Finding yourself stranded on a dusty, barren, uninhabitable planet littered with slews of raw resources-you’ve got quite the task at hand. Terraform this inhospitable place you now get to call “home”, or you’re going to die trying. After all- you’ve got no-where else to go, and no other choice, Convict. Time to earn your freedom…Welcome home.After enduring a rather rough landing, start gathering all you can-resources in raw form are plenty, and you’ve got quite a lot to do. A small blurb on your pod is just barely enough to drive the point home:This is your new home,


Between Horizons Review

Between Horizons is a narrative 2.5D sci-fi detective adventure by DigiTales Interactive. Players embark on a journey aboard the space vessel Zephyr, tasked with colonizing a distant planet. A new threat lurks onboard the ship and it’s only up to you to uncover it by solving a series of criminal cases. There will be many moral choices to deal with along the way and your actions will determine the course of the whole mission. Will law and order prevail, or will you side with those who seek change through any means necessary?The main character of Between Horizons is Stella, the daughter


Metal Gear Solid Master Collection Volume 1 Review

Close to hitting a decade without any sighting of a new Metal Gear Solid game, Konami decided to look into the past, again, undoubtedly a rich and successful one. To start with, a quick mention of Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater, the upcoming Unreal Engine 5 remake of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, and this Metal Gear Solid Master Collection Volume 1 recollects the first three main titles and some additional content to serve as a videogaming history lesson that will be cherished by veteran fans of the series. As a compendium, the value is irrefutable, but how does


We'reWolves Review

As an enormous fan of what one would lovingly call “action rogue-like bullet hell” games, I was beyond thrilled when I stumbled upon We’reWolves- a self proclaimed “Bullet heaven inspired by Vampire Survivors”. At a year and a half later, and at nearly double the price tag of it’s “inspiration”- I had high expectations while sinking my teeth into this title, looking to sate my appetite for hours of dopamine-filled game play.However- if you have any hopes of immediately diving into We’reWolves, you may find yourself frustrated, as you will be met head-on with walls of unskippable text. An EXCEPTIONALLY vague

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