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Omega Crafter Review

The best way I can describe this open-world survival game is - a poor Valheim clone. It does add some new things to the mix, but while you're playing it you're just constantly thinking of playing Valheim. So, without mentioning "that other game" too much in this review, let's list everything Omega Crafter adds to the mix.You start with a programmable robot called Grammi that you can "program" to make him cut wood, craft or fight and you can switch his "code" whenever you want. The reason why it's "programming" is that it's very beginner-friendly with tons of prebuilt code for


Pathway Review

About the gamePathway, a 2019 game created by Robotality and published by Chucklefish, has been compared to Indiana Jones for it's roguelike adventures. In reality, it is a strategy RPG with some turn-based combat included. The year is 1936, you are in charge of a group of adventurers who will travel to the north of Africa in search of hidden treasures. Like any good adventure, there will be tense moments were you must engage in combat. Whatever happens on your adventure, depends on the choices you pick. Before starting your adventure, you must first select your team. Each character has a unique set


Let's Review No More Heroes

TL;DR:No More Heroes for PC is a lazy but functional port of a very lazy remastered version of the original game for Nintendo Wii. The deep combat system, interesting story, and color full boss fights make it a 10/10 for me. The flaws that they couldn't be bothered to fix for the Nintendo Switch version are also carried over to here, making it a 5/10 from a critical standpoint.This is where the new stuff begins  for those who came from Instagram, Vivaldi blogs and stuff so welcome aboard.Introduction:Imagine this dear reader. It is exams season, but you don't like studying. So


100th Oculus Quest Game Review Special!

Well, we’re finally here people, this article features ten more Oculus Quest game reviews, the last being our ONE-HUNDREDTH review! We’ve played, tested and reviewed 100 different VR games over the last few years, starting with Oculus Quest launch titles & ending by exclusively reviewing titles played on the Oculus Quest 2.Scroll to the bottom for links to all our previous Quest review articles and a little insight into what to expect next from us.Boy did we group together some great titles for our special! Let’s start in alphabetical order, simply ‘cause it's prettier…CrashlandWe fully expected an official Oculus Rift release of


10 Oculus Quest 2 Game Reviews - Part 3

If you're a regular reader here at Opium Pulses, you might remember a few series of game reviews we did following the release of the Oculus Quest, we've now reviewed a total of 90 games for the platform and don't intend on stopping!Now that the Oculus Quest 2 has been out for a few months we figured we'd pick one up ourselves and review games played exclusively on the new headset. Everything we review in this series will be played and tested on our brand new Quest 2, so all pros and cons should be considered.Click here for part 2:’s

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