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Genopanic Review

Metroidvanias have always been a genre that gave birth to a lot of indie hits, I've enjoyed my fair share of them but some were too much of a slog to go through as you usually hit that progression wall where the difficulty spikes so much you just give up and jump to the next game. Thankfully Genopanic is the good kind, where every time you die, you know that it was your fault and that you can pass the puzzle/boss/room if you're just a little bit more careful.One thing that you immediately see when you start playing is the fluidity


Anomaly Agent Review

I am going to keep this review short and sweet - just like Anomaly Agent is, and say that this is probably one of the best indie games I've ever played. Every system in this game seems simple but has certain depth to it and the story is unique enough that it keeps you hooked throughout the four-five hour campaign.The start it simple, you're an agent tasked to get rid of some time anomalies that popped on in some places, but later on the story goes bonkers and at the end of the game you're presented with a choice that changes


The Universim Review

The Universim is a game with a long history, spanning 10 years. It was funded through Kickstarter back in 2014 and released on Steam in early access in 2018. Now after 10 years, we reached the stage where The Universim got its 1.0 release on January 22nd. This is a planet management game or a "God-sim" where you manage a planet as you guide your Nuggets through different stages of development through either love or fear. There are four stages of your civilization: The stone age, Medieval age, the Modern age and the Space age. Stone Age was by far the


Offroad Truck Simulator Review

There is something about truck simulator games that just resonates with me. I have around 300 hours in Euro Truck Simulator 2 and it just never gets boring to just turn on the radio, relax and drive around Europe hauling cargo. However, games like Mudrunner and Snowrunner had an opposite effect where I was constantly feeling stressed out because I would get stuck in terrain and had to use one of the hundred features to get unstuck and finish a mission. Offroad Truck Simulator walks (or should I say drives) a fine line between the two simulators. On the one hand


Omega Crafter Review

The best way I can describe this open-world survival game is - a poor Valheim clone. It does add some new things to the mix, but while you're playing it you're just constantly thinking of playing Valheim. So, without mentioning "that other game" too much in this review, let's list everything Omega Crafter adds to the mix.You start with a programmable robot called Grammi that you can "program" to make him cut wood, craft or fight and you can switch his "code" whenever you want. The reason why it's "programming" is that it's very beginner-friendly with tons of prebuilt code for

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