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Your Journey of Survival Review

Your Journey of Survival ReviewDeveloped and Published - Smartly Gophered GamesYour Journey of Survival is an open world, sandbox game, mixing together the best elements of FPS, Survival, and RPG games. Set in the year 2400, you awake in a world where everything is seemingly unknown and all of humanity & civilization must be rebuilt from the ground up.Where Dayz, Rust, and H1Z1 all meet together in one game. The only difference is that the graphics are amazingly beautiful.Embark on an epic journey across lush landscapes, with wild weather controls from Sunshine to heavy rain and storms.Build, eat, hunt and survive the harsh environments


Arcade Tycoon Review

Arcade Tycoon is a business management simulation that was released on Steam in 2021 (after some time in Early Access) and rereleased on Nintendo Switch in January of 2024. I recently tried out the Switch version.This game is centered around nostalgia. The pixel graphics with their isometric view and grid-based object placement give off the feel of some of the classic "Tycoon" games, and the background music has a retro quality that imitates old-school themes. Machines and other items available to acquire for your gaming center are full of gaming references in title and design, and the general look and feel


Roadwarden Review

Having enjoyed a fair amount of tabletop RPGs run through various systems and as a fan of text-based adventure games, I was excited to learn about Roadwarden, a text-based adventure game which plays very much like a single-player tabletop RPG campaign.Released by Moral Anxiety Studio in September of 2022, Roadwarden is set in a fantasy world full of political complexities and environmental dangers. As the titular roadwarden, newly assigned to patrol the northern peninsula, your job is to assure the safety of the roads and provide contact between isolated villages while also working to achieve the goals of your employers—merchants of


Crux Review

Crux ReviewDeveloped and Published - Blackout Softworks sh. p.k.Crux is a fast-paced single-player arena shooter roguelike, where you face waves of enemies, unique bossfights and earn powerful magic abilities across 13 arenas. Master your fluid movement, trusty arsenal and the power of the blood gods to reach the top of the CRUX Champions Leaderboard!Since the release of the original Quake back in 1996, there have been many games coming that are similar to that old-school classic, but Crux brings you to a whole new level.With its roguelike mechanics, and 4-slot tech inventory, you'll be fighting through 13 levels of pure mayhem.Quake 1996 was


The Mobius Machine Review

The Mobius Machine ReviewDeveloped and Published - Madruga WorksDiscover a vast alien world. Fight the ferocious local fauna and killer machines. Reveal its secrets and find a way to escape. The Mobius Machine is a side-scroller action platformer with dynamic combat and a heavy emphasis on exploration.Engross yourself in a new Sci-Fi side-scrolling, Action-packed adventure game.Crash landed on an abandoned moon, all alone, with your only companions are the hordes of alien lifeforms that want to eat and spit at you, you must quickly find a way to escape.Exploration is heavily invested, which is of no surprise, there are hidden items and secrets for you

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