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The Invincible Review

Not everything everywhere is for us. This is the main motto of the game The Invincible by Starward Industries, based on a science fiction novel by Stanisław Lem. The game sets you in the shoes of Dr. Yasna, who wakes up on a deserted planet with no way to contact others and has to figure out what happened to herself, her colleagues and who are the real friends and foes in this mystery.Dr. Yasna is an astrobiologist, a member of a team of scientists who were returning home from a long mission in space. On their way, they made a stop


Alchemist: The Potion Monger Review

Alchemist: The Potion Monger ReviewDeveloper and Publisher - Art Games Studios S.AFirst-person Alchemist Simulator with RPG elements. Explore the world, gather ingredients, and sell or use potions you craft to help others and fend off enemies. Adopt pets to help you with your alchemy knowledge (and to pet them). Decorate your home however you like and brew your destiny!Set foot on an island full of potential as an upcoming Alchemist.Use the Cauldron to craft and concoct your mischievous inventions to either use for good or for evil. How you play is up to you.Defeat bosses to gain new pets that will surely help


Par for the Dungeon Review

Par for the Dungeon is a cartoony miniature golf puzzle game with a dungeon-delving theme. Developed by Sleeping Giant Games, it was released on PC through Steam on October 17, 2023, with a staggered release on mobile devices.In Par for the Dungeon, you play as an anthropomorphic golf ball with a beloved pet dog that has a penchant for getting dog-napped. In order to rescue your dog, you must propel yourself through nine three-hole courses to reach the end of the dungeon, where your dog awaits trapped in a cage. With four worlds available to play, the game has a total


Kingdom Shell Review

Kingdom Shell is a 2D platformer with pixelated graphics created by the aptly named Cup of Pixels, a solo indie developer in Türkiye.The magical barrier protecting the realm, the "kingdom shell," has been destroyed, allowing a flood of demons in from the outside. Elias, a half-breed with the blood of those same demons flowing through his veins, has been summoned from his imprisonment to help save the kingdom with the offer of freedom as his reward. As Elias, you journey through the land, fighting demons and learning about the kingdom's inhabitants, including information about your own past.The game is spent exploring


Battlespire Review

Originally intended as an expansion to The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall, the action RPG An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire was released as a standalone game by Bethesda Softworks in 1997. Version 1.5 made its way to GOG in 2015 and Steam in 2022. Notoriously buggy from the moment of its release, and with a combat system where the words "fair" and "balanced" are nowhere to be seen, Battlespire is considered a challenge for Elder Scrolls fans to this day.You play the part of a student entering the Battlespire for a test to become an Imperial Battlemage only to find that the

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