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Noun Town Language Learning 2023

Noun Town Language Learning 2023 ReviewDeveloper and Publisher - Noun TownNoun Town Language Learning is the new way to learn a foreign language! Interact, listen, read, and speak your chosen language in a world that regains colour as you learn. Test your skills with mini-games & talk to the local villagers. Learn Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, and more…Noun Town is a learning adventure game, that takes you to a variety of places to learn basic words in a multitude of languages.With 7 different languages, with Verbal and on-screen translations, you can feel confident that you can pick up some words here and there.Master the language


Alchemist: The Potion Monger Review

Alchemist: The Potion Monger ReviewDeveloper and Publisher - Art Games Studios S.AFirst-person Alchemist Simulator with RPG elements. Explore the world, gather ingredients, and sell or use potions you craft to help others and fend off enemies. Adopt pets to help you with your alchemy knowledge (and to pet them). Decorate your home however you like and brew your destiny!Set foot on an island full of potential as an upcoming Alchemist.Use the Cauldron to craft and concoct your mischievous inventions to either use for good or for evil. How you play is up to you.Defeat bosses to gain new pets that will surely help


Midnight Heist Review

Midnight Heist ReviewDeveloper & Publisher - MediaTaleGo on heists through Midnight City alone or with up to three friends to fulfil tasks as a hacker for various organizations. Improve your reputation, earn money and uncover the secrets of shady companies in this co-op horror game.It's a game that is like Phasmophobia, but not quite the same at all.MediaTale brings you Midnight Heist where you must hack computers, find documents, and find collectables to improve your cash flow or sell special items to the Black Market.There is only one thing stopping you from making this a breeze, an entity of unknown origin hunts you.With a


Occupy Mars: The Game Review

Platform: PC, SteamDevelopers: Pyramid GamesAre you ready to face the challenges of surviving on Mars? Let your creativity soar as you navigate the harsh terrain of space. Leave civilisation behind and embrace the thrill of exploration. What Does Occupy Mars Ential?Join the Mars colonization journey with Occupy Mars, a thrilling survival game inspired by real-life companies and technologies focused on making humanity a multi-planet species. Build and upgrade your base, explore new regions, mine resources, retrieve water, grow crops, generate oxygen, and fix broken equipment to survive the harsh terrain of Mars.Your survival depends on ensuring your base has enough water, oxygen,


Plasma Review

More than a game to play, Plasma is an engineering sandbox for you to tinker with. It gives you the tools to create your own gadgets and program them to do various things.The tutorial exists in the form of its own world, complete with several pre-constructed gadgets, including some obvious signs instructing you on the basic commands to navigate, interact, build, and program. True to its sandbox nature, the game allows you to play with the elements of the tutorial in any order you like, or you can ignore it completely and leave the world to create your own project right

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