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Robosoul: From the Depths of Pax-Animi Review

Early access build: 0.6.11 EAPublisher & Developer: WorldAxis3DThe opening!What is Robosoul: From the Depths of Pax-Animi? If you mix worlds, adventure and strange graphics then you get Robosoul: From the Depths of Pax-Animi.Starting worldThe Story: The story of Robosoul: From the Depths of Pax-Animi is you who is called Daniel goes into the mainframe to save your mother who was taken by shadows- and you are in a coma so your father puts you into the mainframe so you can save your mother.There level editor.What is Robosoul: From the Depths of Pax-Animi but more in depth? Robosoul: From the Depths of Pax-Animi


Hunt: Showdown Early Access Review

Hunt: Showdown is an early access first-person shooter with Battle Royale style gameplay whose mastery of tension, theming, and tactical components has birthed a game where every match is as exhilarating as the next.Hunt sees you playing as a bounty hunter in the Louisiana swamps, sent to hunt down and collect bounties that have been set on ghastly horrors. In a match your goal is to find clues to locate a monster lurking in one of the map’s compounds, kill the monster, and banish them back to whatever hell it came from. There’s a catch though, there are eight or nine other players


Night Crisis Review

Publisher & Developer: AlteredPlanetsEarly Access build: 1.5What is Night Crisis? If you mix battlefield, call of duty and a crap ton of motion blur you get Night Crisis.The options you can chooseThe story: The year is 2020 , the End Times are here. The Matrix is falling for the Global Elites .The Natural Spirit Himself began to destroy the enemy , deploy Natural Disasters, create Heatwaves, expose corrupt leaders . So the Global Colonizers, in fear, began to create a global military police to get their order reform and oppression. You can find this on store page.The gameplayWhat is Night Crisis but more


Frozen Flame (Early Access/Alpha) Review

Early access build: & Developer:  MagisterionWhat is Frozen Flame? If Rust, Dark Souls and D&D came together and had a baby it would be this.Starting place areaThe story: From what I have gathered you have been reborn? To stop the Cataclysm and kill the legendary dragons that stand in the way.Just a random object in the airWhat is Frozen Flame but more in depth? Frozen flame is a hardcore RPG with some inspiration from dark souls like a stamina bar that goes down when attacking and running and some rust elements like building.Fighting a shadowThe mechanics: In Frozen Flame you have to


Breathedge Review

 What is Breathedge? Think of subnautica meets space but managed to watch Amy Schumer Netflix special.Reviewed in early access build: The humour is good at time but a lot of p*ss jokes and dark humour jokes. Quite challenging to complete. Has fun survival simulation mechanics. The story is quite funny and interesting as you meet babe (just a pair of click bait  ) The robot that talks to you gives funny dialog while you explore new places.  Great graphics. Options menu has all the graphic and music settings needed for early access. Supports a wide variety of controllers.  Did not encounter any bugs.   Cons Very short game at the moment with 1 chapter. The voice

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