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Snake's News - Better Late Than Never

Well, we're back in black, gents.DENUVO CRACKED!Well, we had our share of people saying how Denuvo got cracked, but in reality it was just a complicated bypass that stopped working as soon as the game connected to Steam servers. But not anymore.A group called CPY released a fully-cracked Rise of the Tomb Raider, claiming that the DRM has been broken and not just "fooled", as the case was with previous cracks, meaning it'll work until the very end.NO MAN'S SKY LAUNCH it is. PC guys still have to wait. But I just want to say "Didn't I tell you?" when


Snake's News - Snake vs Evil News

What, you expected a fancy introduction? Well, too bad, 'cause I didn't think of one. You'll have to bear with it for now.ROCKET LEAGUE STILL SURPRISES USNew mode, called Rumble, will be introdcued in Rocket League next month. It'll turn an already crazy game into a literal f*ckfest with powerups. That's something worth waiting for.NO MAN'S SKY GETS A HUGE UPDATE PRE-RELEASEWelp, the game's golden status isn't as golden as we thought. A lot of shit is going to be changed. And developer swears that early copy is not the game the users are meant to play. I don't know what


Snake's News - A Trailer Odyssey

The time has come to write shit in here. We got 2 trailers, 1 music reval and a surprise for Spike Chunsoft lovers.TORMENT: TIDES OF NUMENERA TO COME OUT ON CONSOLESNot only the game is coming out on PS4 and XBO (on the same day as PC release), but you'll be able to play it at Gamescom too! ON A CONSOLE. Yay I guess. Game'll come out in Q1 2017.SUDDEN STRIKE 4 TEASERWell, the fourth instalment in the series is coming. You don't know the game? Shame. This one promises balanced multiplayer and 3 campaigns. The trailer contains 30% gameplay 70%


Snake's News - No Leaks for Old Men

This day was better in terms of events than usual. Also, this was supposed to go through yesterday. Whoops.LAWBREAKERS GAMEPLAYNothing much to say. Accessible only for alpha testers for now.LOST SOUL ASIDE - ONE MAN'S GAMEOne Korean (South one, not the Best one) going by the name of Bing Yang was making this thing for over two years. It's made in UE4 and nothing else is known, really. The country torn apart by war, your hero Kazer leads some kind of organisation, but some other beast - Arena - takes your body. Right now Mr. Yang is looking for people to


Snake's News - Hardcore Remasters

Well, some news appeared. Someone's gotta do the job, right?REMASTERS INBOUNDWell, two remasters are coming, one of them is just rumoured and the remnants of information about it have been removed.First one is Darksiders: Warmastered Edition - upscaled to 1080p, 60FPS and all that. Same treatment Darksiders 2: Deathinitive Edition had. Will come out on PC, PS4, XBO and Wii U. However, if you want to get this for Wii U - your experience will be worse. Why? Because the game will be locked to 30FPS on that platform. No more info about tit- I MEAN "IT".Second one is Metal Gear

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