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Roger the Kangaroo removed from Tekken due to animal activists

That's right; Roger the video game character was taken from Tekken as a result of people worrying about real life Kangaroos.Now look, I love animals as much as the next guy, probably more. But we are not talking about real animals here in this article, we are talking about a fake animated video character in a game.The reports say that some video of a real person punching a Kangaroo was found and suddenly seeing Roger created some kind of post-video-watching-traumatic-disorder. Regardless if the human in the video was defending it's dog or not, let's talk about the decision of censoring a


South Park: The Fractured But Whole Censorship

RESPECT MA AUTHORITAAAAAAAAH!The second part of South Park will be released soon and I can not tell how much I'm up for that!As a fan of the first game and of the series itself it's going to be an early christmas for me this year.Are you just as excited as me? Well then let's get into business!Fist bumps bros!South Park has always been sarcastic and sometimes certainly below the belt. Yes, South Park is provocative, disgusting and obscene.But exactly this is the spice that made the show this successful and great!Bad tongues argued that there was a time I hated the

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