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Superhot: Mind Control Delete Review

For the purpose of this review ill be referring the name Superhot: Mind Control Delete as MCDWhat is MCD? Do you like SUPERHOT? SUPERHOT! SUPERHOT!Everything is a weapon if you throw it!The Story: the story is destroying the system but makes the story short by adding a mechanic of you have to keep the game running for 2 hours straight.Boom Headshot!What MCD but more in depth? In MCD it adds the same old from the last but with more objects to throw and new mechanics which just make you feel like more of a badass than you already are, but if


Receiver 2 Review

What is Receiver 2? Do you like shooting? Do you like seeing your gun jam? Do you like having full control of your gun then shooting your self because you forgot put it on safety?Reloading my dirty harry!The Story: The story is learning about the Threat which is collecting cassette tapes and becoming an awake receiverFelt cute so i took a mirror selfie!What is Receiver 2 but more in depth? Receiver 2 is a game about guns and how to handle a gun like how to cock it, how to reload it and even fixing it if it jams the idea of


Demon Pit Review

What is Demon Pit? Do you like retro shooters like doom, quake and blood? Do you like to fight in an arena? Do you like to see blood fly?Just starting the wave!The Story: Demon Pit does not have a story unless killing enemies is a story.Feel like spiderman!What Demon Pit but more in depth? Demon Pit is a classic fps shooter that takes it style from retro games like doom and blood where fast movement and quick shooting takes place as you run around an arena that’s always changing so you have to adapt to the new surroundings.About start the pain trainThe


Robosoul: From the Depths of Pax-Animi Review

Early access build: 0.6.11 EAPublisher & Developer: WorldAxis3DThe opening!What is Robosoul: From the Depths of Pax-Animi? If you mix worlds, adventure and strange graphics then you get Robosoul: From the Depths of Pax-Animi.Starting worldThe Story: The story of Robosoul: From the Depths of Pax-Animi is you who is called Daniel goes into the mainframe to save your mother who was taken by shadows- and you are in a coma so your father puts you into the mainframe so you can save your mother.There level editor.What is Robosoul: From the Depths of Pax-Animi but more in depth? Robosoul: From the Depths of Pax-Animi


Night Crisis Review

Publisher & Developer: AlteredPlanetsEarly Access build: 1.5What is Night Crisis? If you mix battlefield, call of duty and a crap ton of motion blur you get Night Crisis.The options you can chooseThe story: The year is 2020 , the End Times are here. The Matrix is falling for the Global Elites .The Natural Spirit Himself began to destroy the enemy , deploy Natural Disasters, create Heatwaves, expose corrupt leaders . So the Global Colonizers, in fear, began to create a global military police to get their order reform and oppression. You can find this on store page.The gameplayWhat is Night Crisis but more

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