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Shatterline Review

Enter the Impact Zones to counter the Strafers. Grab that Red Salt from the Bomber Dogs you just took out. Beware of the Gardeners as you enter the Glasshead Nursery. Determining the nature of the Crystalline could save what remains of humanity. This is a global-scale military operation, and Shellguard’s scientific endeavors depend on your success.If this sounds intriguing, then get ready for intense rogue-like expeditions with Frag Lab’s near-future, post-apocalyptic, massively multiplayer, first-person shooter Shatterline. Released September 8, 2022, you can play for free on PC with planned releases in the future for PS4/5, and XBox One.THE LOREThere is a


Transmogrify Review

Monsters are running rampant through the lab and you as a janitor are only armed with a mop… and a transmogrify gun that turns monsters into puzzle solutions. Transmogrify is a sci-fi puzzle platformer by Odyssey Entertainment, where you transform alien creatures into platforms and other useful tools that will allow you to escape the infested facility.One small puzzle for a slime...The transmogrify gun is rather a device than a weapon. You cannot kill the monsters, only transform them into an object for a limited time. In the first few levels, there will be mostly slimes that transform into a cube,


Scars Above Review

Platform: Pc, PS4, Ps5, Xbox One, Xbox X/SDeveloper: Mad Head GamesAre they friends or foes? That's for you to uncover in this enigmatic, narrative-driven world of extraterrestrial beings.What Does Scars Above Entail?Experience a thrilling third-person action-adventure shooter game set in a challenging world. Solve puzzles, overcome obstacles, and uncover the captivating story behind this mysterious alien universe.In Earth's orbit, a massive extraterrestrial structure emerges and is dubbed "the metahedron" by humanity. To investigate this phenomenon, the Sentient Contact Assessment and Response Team (SCAR) - made up of scientists and engineers - is dispatched to investigate.Despite appearances, things are not always what


From Space Review

The only thing that ever comes From Space is evil aliens, so let’s use this shameless pun as the kicker for this review and see what the new title from Curve Games is all about. A top-down solo or co-op twin-stick shooter, there’s a lot of fun and mayhem to be had while saving the world from sponge-like bubblegum extraterrestrials with sharp teeth, but humanity may end up doomed by their sheer lack of inventory space and inability to spot the more dangerous creatures amidst the chaos.When Pink Marshmallows AttackFrom Space seems to be a revamped version of Triangle Studios’ previous


Redick Review

Previously known as Red Wukong but for some reason rebranded as Redick, this 3D action platformer features a main character clearly inspired by the popular novel Journey to the West, but for some reason any ties to Sun Wukong seem to be slight or completely erased from existence. The resemblances between both characters are very clear, and despite running on Unreal Engine 5, this game is lacking in so many aspects that not even the old-school gameplay slogan is enough to save it from triviality.A Slight Case of ParagonContrary to the ambitious 2010 game Enslaved: Odyssey to the West developed by

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