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Beta + Changes to Come [UPDATE 3]

So Opium Pulses has a new look for 2018, unless you've been giving us the cold shoulder lately, we're sure you will have noticed our new lick of paint!Technically the site is still a work in progress and we very much consider what is presented so far to be in BETA state. This means not everything is finished and what is, might not work as expected, but we're working day and night to implement all the changes required to bring the quality to a level our customers and members expect.First, we'll go over a few of the big things we know


Website Updates and Coming Soon

Here at Opium Pulses HQ we're always developing the website based on user feedback and requests. Below we have listed our most recent website updates plus work in the pipeline so you can see what's new and coming up. RECENT UPDATESUser avatars - File uploads now possible! Link to Gravatar is still possible, however this proved less popular than we thought and we had lots of requests for avatar file uploads, so now you can. Commenting system upgrade -  You asked us for more formatting tools in the commenting system, and we delivered! Change password on Account page - Previously you had to go via


Introducing Opium Pulses Giveaways!

Today we're introducing Opium Pulses' brand new project, our fully featured giveaway platform designed to provide giveaways for our users, an open and capable giveaway system for community leaders and a promotional platform with social sharing features for game developers!However we didn't just want to create another giveaway platform with no unique features, so below is the main 5 categories of giveaways, giving all members higher chances of winning: Free-for-all - Anyone can enter these, keep an eye out for flash giveaways or small entry limits to increase your winning chances!Newbies - Only members who have been a member of OP for less than a year


Update on OP Giveaways

Dear Opium Pulses Website Users,Since the launch of our giveaways beta early this month, we've had a lot of feedback, some pointing out what is loved and some pointing out what we could have, and should have done better.We've listened to every bit of feedback and as some of you may have noticed, winner picking is currently flawed and is often sending notifications and sometimes even emails to multiple winners, regardless of how many keys the giveaway contains.This is something we aren't happy with, and are putting every effort in to making sure it works flawlessly before we officially announce this

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