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Beta + Changes to Come [UPDATE 3]
So Opium Pulses has a new look for 2018, unless you've been giving us the cold shoulder lately, we're sure you will have noticed our new lick of paint!

Technically the site is still a work in progress and we very much consider what is presented so far to be in BETA state. This means not everything is finished and what is, might not work as expected, but we're working day and night to implement all the changes required to bring the quality to a level our customers and members expect.

First, we'll go over a few of the big things we know are yet to be fixed and then we'll show off just some of the improvements the new design offers to our member base. We'll mark them as fixed here when the work is done.


The Arcade - Arcade now live!
Our free to play arcade sadly didn't make it in time for launch, but we heard the feedback and we worked hard to bring it back to our players looking better than ever before, this should be returning in beta form sometime within the next week - check back soon!

Giveaways - All fixes now complete!
Right now there's no way to be sure which giveaways you've entered and which ones you haven't, this was an oversight of the new design and is something we're fully intending to bring back. We're also aware finished giveaways and numbers of keys aren't shown on the giveaway homepage. All of this is set to return in the near future.

Account / Profile - New pages now live!
The current account pages are a temporary placeholder until the design is finished on the final pages (they'll look nothing like this for launch), another casualty of this was profile pages, which even when accessible, display in the old design. All of this is a top priority for us and should return as soon as we're happy with the quality.

Filters - All filters now fully functional!
We know filters in the store, trove and giveaways pages are a little funky right now, we're working on fixing those up as soon as possible but please for now bare with us!

Mobile - Mobile now rocking!
Mobile responsiveness is a new venture for us and we think for a first try we've done pretty well, but we aren't blind to the fact it isn't perfect, search is currently unresponsive and some of the hit boxes are a little off, but we'll continue to refine it until it's as user friendly as the desktop version.


Store / Trove
Our storefront and product pages have been completely redesigned from the ground up and among all the details you remember from the old design, we now have an exclusive store feature that displays the name and images for all Steam trading cards and achievements.

Our giveaways redesign was a tricky one, how do we make something look more grand and pretty without making it less user-friendly? We feel with the upcoming fixes we've hit a nice middle ground. Giveaways can now have product page like setups, with descriptions, screenshot carousals, and video trailer embeds.

Our little gaming room has had quite the makeover and besides the move to feature more games hosted directly by OP, we've also added filters such as recently added and most played, retaining the single/multiplayer sections. As we know you aren't interested in certain genres of games or might struggle to play games written in a specific engine, we've also allowed these to be cherry-picked so that you can find the perfect games for you!

This is where we've put some real effort in to make reading the material of our content creators a much prettier and effortless experience. Besides them looking easier on the eye, we've now added categories you can filter with, a responsive list of the most popular articles, the latest article comments and tags you can select to see relating content. We hope you like the changes!

Series 4 is being recorded and released along with the full launch of the new website and to celebrate we've had ourselves animated and pictures designed to reflect the loose theme of each episode. We've even had every special guest who's ever featured on the show animated too so if you're not a fan of one of our guests, you can see who's in each episode and pick accordingly :)

All our media pages have been given fresh designs, but our freebies are the only page with entirely new content for our users to sport on their gaming/social profiles and computer desktops. Opius and his new girlfriend Impulse show off their new outfits and toys and Opius finds himself in some interesting positions in some of our new desktop backgrounds. Check them out!

We hope everyone is happy with at least some elements of the new design and we promise to keep improving and squashing bugs based on user feedback as time goes on. Until then, enjoy the fresh design and good luck in your quests!
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    May 08, 2018

    Hello filthy mouths :D

    Yes,  performance is bad on potato cell phone.

    Please stream soon.

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