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Stick Fight: The Game Mobile Launches Global Closed Beta

They might be 5-inches thick, but they are 17 inches of stupid. After peaceful negotiation breaks down, violence erupts. Stick Fight pits four idiots against each other in physics-based combat. Defeat your enemies in order to prove that you are always right, no matter what.The closed beta Android launch of Stick Fight: The Game Mobile has been announced by NetEase Games and Landfall Games. It is the mobile version of the popular PC game, Stick Fight: The Game, developed by NetEase Games and licensed by Landfall. In addition, this mobile version also allows Android players to get in on the fight.The original

Beta + Changes to Come [UPDATE 3]

So Opium Pulses has a new look for 2018, unless you've been giving us the cold shoulder lately, we're sure you will have noticed our new lick of paint!Technically the site is still a work in progress and we very much consider what is presented so far to be in BETA state. This means not everything is finished and what is, might not work as expected, but we're working day and night to implement all the changes required to bring the quality to a level our customers and members expect.First, we'll go over a few of the big things we know

Doom Online Impressions After Open Beta.

It seems reviews on Steam for the Doom Open Beta have been flooded with negative impressions over the last week, mostly down to Doom's new modern features and play-style. We at OP believe it's the best possible thing for the franchise and actually breathes new life in to a series that hasn't been taken seriously as a completive multiplayer game for over 2 decades, unlike competitors such as Unreal Tournament and even its more forward-thinking cousin, Quake. The way we see it, is this will appeal most to fans of 90's era Quake and more modern titles from the Halo series. From Quake,

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