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Botology Review

Few words about the gameBotology is a game where... I'm not even sure what's going on as it's explained with twisted and badly translated English. The intro tries to explain bits of backstory, but it's hard to catch up even there. When you get into a proper game finally, you just go forward, without any clear instructions, just walk and hope you'll get somewhere. Once you get a gun and some kind of objective... oh boy, that's where the fun begins. By fun, I mean grind at every corner. Literally. One of the most repetitive games I have seen in a


COMPETITION WINNER: The Future of Gaming

We recently ran a competition for aspiring writers to have an article of theirs published on Opium Pulses and our winner this year is Ashok Sharma from Delhi, India.Thank you Ashok for your passionate article about a technology you clearly have a lot of excitement for, it really shines through in your writing.The Future of GamingWhat is the first that comes to mind when you think about gaming? Think of a game you find really fun? Is it immersive? Addictive? Can you can relate to it? Does it excite you enough to rush your adrenaline level to the sky?Usually, things that

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