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Mortal Shell Review

There couldn't be any better time for Souls-Like games to shine than years 2020 - 21 as for a couple of years nothing more than a remake of Demon Souls came out as a big title on the market, and that's where Mortal Shell took the opportunity to shine. And boy it does, slightly too much sometimes due to overdone reflections, but yeah - it shines bright! This fresh take on the action-RPG Souls genre, brought by a Cold Symmetry studio, will put your patience to the test on every single step you take. Using the ability to possess old, defeated champions



This game was designed to pretty close to hell, and it succeeded, but not in a good way. Hellpoint is a sci-fi souls-like that was developed by Cradle Games. It was released on July 30, 2020, and got rated a 6/10 by IGN. If you want a quick read without going into specifics, I was not a fan of this game, but if you want a breakdown of what I do like and what I think needs improvement, then you’re in for a treat.Story-The story has a strong opening, although it is very stereotypical in general. It has a mystery-like start,