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Wandersong Game Review

Searching for a Stress Reliever?Some days, all you crave after a hard day of work is a relaxing game where you can sing, dance, and use your musical abilities to defend a cozy little village from the ghosts that haunt the villagers’ houses. If this sounds delightful, then I offer Wandersong for your consideration. I tried this short, charming game looking for something unique, hoping it would satisfy that craving of something a bit more relaxing than my default genre. Here, I’ll share my initial impressions of the first part of my journey as the humble bard trying to save the


Transmogrify Review

Monsters are running rampant through the lab and you as a janitor are only armed with a mop… and a transmogrify gun that turns monsters into puzzle solutions. Transmogrify is a sci-fi puzzle platformer by Odyssey Entertainment, where you transform alien creatures into platforms and other useful tools that will allow you to escape the infested facility.One small puzzle for a slime...The transmogrify gun is rather a device than a weapon. You cannot kill the monsters, only transform them into an object for a limited time. In the first few levels, there will be mostly slimes that transform into a cube,


The Entropy Centre Review

The Entropy Centre.DescriptionThink in reverse. Outsmart the impossible. A mind-bending first-person adventure where you solve ingenious and complex puzzles by rewinding objects through time.Awakening from what seems like an endless slumber, you arrive at the Entropy station, lost and confused you play as Aria, an upstart junior puzzle operative. Awakened by the sound of a TV, you progress through 15 mind-bending challenges and use some of that fine brain power that you have to complete each stage.Think in reverse as you bend and manipulate objects to perform a specific set of actions, make a couple of unexpected friends, and find out what


The Story of Henry Bishop - Review

The Story of Henry Bishop is an indie horror game filled with escape-room-esque puzzles that proves how ideas and execution are more important than technicality, in which the game shows a little more than conventional walking-horror but a lot less than a survival-horror, all made only by one kind mind with passion in horror.One Man's Passion for A Game's HorrorA horror game enthusiast would most likely be burnt out by now by the scares and sorrows dumped into the game as a couple of cheap tricks to get you convinced you are spending your money right. Nobody ever gets fooled by


Quest Hunter Review

Quest Hunter is a charming casual action-RPG that puts story and character progression, exploration and combat as its core experiences. Passion can be felt throughout the game as the developer carefully crafted this relaxing RPG with simplicity in mind.Story and Character ProgressionStory often posed as secondary in games like this but not Quest Hunter. This game leads you in with its humorous narratives. The story is simple - you were flying your airship and suddenly the sun went missing, somehow caused you to crash onto an unfamiliar town. As a stranger, you seek help to rebuild your airship while helping the

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