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COD Black Ops 4 : Gameplay changes, Release date, Platforms

Last week during the reveal event of the newest entry in the Call of Duty series, Treyarch and Activision surprised everybody Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4. An entry so far yet so close to the roots of the franchise, that should be able to satisfy both old fans and new comers.Mark Lamia, the chairman of Treyarch studios said in his first few minutes of being on stage, that “Black Ops 4 will have more ways to have fun with your friends than anything else we have created”. He even went as bold to say that it will be the “Deepest


OP News - 07/05/2017 Fortnight Edition

STEAM TRADING CHANGESSteam made the announcement, earlier this week, that changes were being made to its gifting process. Essentially, it boiled down to a few key points. Gifts could no longer be stored in your personal inventory for later use, only sent to a specified friend, either immediately or on a delay. Declined gifts are refunded rather than being returned to your inventory. New cross-country gifting rules ensures the title sent to your friend will work on their account, although gifting from countries which have a large price difference results in gifting being disabled. And the alterations were immediate but not


Snake's News - BIG Catch-up Thingy

Oh, don't look at this post like that. I am lazy and not motivated, that's all. But at least I have SOME sense of responsibility, so here we go.HARRY POTTER COMES BACK TO VIDEO GAMESBut it's only as a part of LEGO Dimensions, so no game dedicated solely to young wizard's adventures. So expect Skylanders-like distribution of things and partially-interesting things.BATMAN: RETURN TO ARKHAM COMPARISIONGame's coming out on October 21st, we're getting a comparision trailer now. Everything seems to look better...except Joker himself. THe hell happened, Rocksteady?DAWN OF WAR 3 GAMEPLAY!Are you ready to take care of all the heresy in


Snake's News - Do you want some death with that?

So, today's news are centered mostly about death. Half of them at least.MAFIA 3 LIVE-ACTION TRAILER - DEATH SUITS YOU2K keeps trying to shove Lincoln Clay down our throats. I guess we can still watch this trailer to see if there's any shitty acting.VHS IS DEADSo, this day marks the end of VHS. Funai Electric - the last company producing VHS players and casettes - has stopped production of those due to shortage of components and low consumption (even then, 750k players were bought last year). That's something big, considering the fact that VHS entered the market 40 years ago. Rest

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