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Opium Pulses' Ultimate Desktop Build for 2020

Have you always wanted to build your own desktop computer but don't know what components you need to search for? Do you have a beefy budget but don't know how best to spend it?This article is aimed to help those who need a little guidance on building a powerful computer in 2019/2020 without over spending on needless upgrades.   GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)The graphics card is likely going to be one of the most expensive components you purchase for your new desktop, so let’s start here. The 20 series GeForce cards are top of their game right now and even though almost


Narcos Video Game and Razer Partner with Lenovo

Netflix to Develop New Video Game Based on Netflix Series 'Narcos'Following the surrounding hype of Netflix's hit series Narcos which was released earlier this year, the creators are aiming to further boost its popularity by releasing a video game based on Narcos. Originally posted by Netflix US's official Twitter:Yes, one of our engineers made a @NarcosNetflix video game. Press any key to get  plata or plomo. game will be available for PC, but not on any other consoles. Narcos is a story of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar and the efforts from the U.S. government to bring him to justice.

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