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Desura has a new owner!

You may remember my article in March about the Desura website going down, where I pondered the future for Desura. Since then the website has been on and off (mainly off) and most people have passed the acceptance stage of grief. Recently it has been announced that the company "OnePlay" has now acquired Desura from Bad JuJu games, along with Indie Royale and Daily Royale. OnePlay have announced this on their website, stating "We are working hard to bring back Desura, IndieRoyale and DailyRoyale to deliver you more awesome indie games". OnePlay currently own their own digital games store, which they launched


The end for Desura?

Is Desura gone forever?So as I am sure many of you know, just under a year ago now, Desura's parent company (Bad Juju Games, Inc) filed for bankruptcy and although the website was still up, it was relatively unsupported and hadn't been updated since last year.A couple of days ago, the website appeared to be down and has not come back up since. Does this mark the end for Desura?A few people have found that the site is accessible after adding the following lines to the end of your host file (C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc): desura.com54.186.210.232 www.desura.com54.186.210.232 static.desura.com54.186.210.232 secure.desura.com54.186.210.232 button.desura.com54.186.210.232 rss.desura.comMeaning, the domain is

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