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The Mobius Machine Review

The Mobius Machine ReviewDeveloped and Published - Madruga WorksDiscover a vast alien world. Fight the ferocious local fauna and killer machines. Reveal its secrets and find a way to escape. The Mobius Machine is a side-scroller action platformer with dynamic combat and a heavy emphasis on exploration.Engross yourself in a new Sci-Fi side-scrolling, Action-packed adventure game.Crash landed on an abandoned moon, all alone, with your only companions are the hordes of alien lifeforms that want to eat and spit at you, you must quickly find a way to escape.Exploration is heavily invested, which is of no surprise, there are hidden items and secrets for you


The House Review

The House ReviewDeveloper - EdoartGames, Publisher - Res SRLThe House is a new first-person horror and psychological game for the computer. Escape the house where it all began, collect items, weapons and level up. Travel between worlds and time to reach your goal. Go discover the dark secrets of the House where it all began!Like many other titles with the same name, The House is a horror-themed action-adventure FPS focusing mainly on ambience, zombies and many puzzles with bugs that will make you want to vomit.Set your sights on traversing a seemingly abandoned home, using only the tools you find at your disposal.GameplayNot a lot can


Medieval Dynasty Review

Medieval Dynasty ReviewDeveloper - Render Cube, Publisher - Toplitz ProductionsHunt, survive, build and lead in the harsh Middle Ages: Create your own Medieval Dynasty and ensure its long-lasting prosperity or die trying!Medieval Dynasty takes you on a journey in a wide, open world scenario, where you become one of the people who are capable in creating large scale settlements.This game will have you wandering the earth, until you find yourself a peaceful place, will it be peaceful enough from harms way, or will bandits be your downfall? Will you fight or die trying?Multiplayer will be available in early December! Keep a look out on that,


Celente Immortal Review

Celente Immortal ReviewDeveloped and Published by F8tality gamesAn Action-RPG game where you can recruit characters from all over the world as you go on adventures and explore new areas.Celente Immortal takes you on a hardcore adventure through an unknown kingdom.Faust awakens in a cave, with the only goal in mind, to find a person named Faro. Progress in the tightly spaced dungeon, and extremely difficult combat and you will come out on top.Are you up for the challenge? If you are, then prepare to die and restart from your last save more time than you change your underwear in the week.GameplayDo you


Jusant Review

In recent years, Don't Nod studio has been mostly known for series like Life is Strange, where players can immerse themselves into elaborate stories with thousands of lines of dialogue, in which decisions matter and relationships with other characters determine the outcome of the story. With Jusant however, the developers went in a seemingly completely opposite direction, a linear action-puzzle climbing game.The game starts in the desert. You get the first look at the main protagonist and their destination – an enormous rock formation resembling a tower, with its peak out of view, high above the clouds. The main character remains

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