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Omega Crafter Review

The best way I can describe this open-world survival game is - a poor Valheim clone. It does add some new things to the mix, but while you're playing it you're just constantly thinking of playing Valheim. So, without mentioning "that other game" too much in this review, let's list everything Omega Crafter adds to the mix.You start with a programmable robot called Grammi that you can "program" to make him cut wood, craft or fight and you can switch his "code" whenever you want. The reason why it's "programming" is that it's very beginner-friendly with tons of prebuilt code for


Enshrouded Demo Review

The most popular game on this October's Steam Next Fest is this survival game called Enshrouded that borrows some ideas from amazing games like Valheim and even adds some sprinkles of Dark Souls with its boss fights. I didn't get to play the game in full as I only had 8 hours to see as much content as possible. Which this game really doesn't want you to do as it's clearly made to be enjoyed slowly and see everything it has to offer. Also, something to note is that you get 8 hours per character so I could just make a new


The Long Dark Review

No zombies, no mutants, no monsters. In this survival game, made by Hinterland Studio Inc., your worst enemies are mind-numbing cold, bone-chilling winds, and your empty stomach.When Nature Fights BackThe game features two main modes: Survival and Wintermute story mode. Both modes let you roam a vast wilderness of fictional Great Bear Island which is based on territories of Northern Canada. Great Bear used to be full of natural resources and people were quick to exploit them, building mines, logging camps, and hydroelectric dam. But on this island, nature itself fights back. Long before our character even gets to the island,


Path Of Titans Review

Platform: PC, Xbox, Playstation, SwitchDevelopers: Alderon Games Pty LtdEver wondered what it's like to be a dinosaur? Look no further, as Path Of Titans is here! But is it all it's cracked up to be?What does Path Of Titans Entail?Set in prehistoric times, you have the choice of eighteen dinos to choose from. Explore an expansive cross-platform MMO world filled with events, quests, guilds, adventures and free-form play. All the while trying to stay alive.Customize your dino, unlock abilities and combat with each dino's unique skill. What is Gameplay Like?Choose whether you would like to be a herbivore or a carnivore. With


Frozen Flame Review

Platform: PC SteamDeveloper: Dreamside InteractiveFrozen Flame is set in a beautiful world with challenges and adventure intertwined. Think Valhiem, but with better graphics and less content.What Does Frozen Flame Entail?In a dying world of dragons, only those with the power of the Frozen Flame have the means to survive and be able to cleanse the world for good. Explore, build, kill and quest. With plenty more additions to come.So What Are The Gameplay and Graphics Like?Starting as a skeleton in the Asylum of Faceless, you must fight guardians to get to the energy vortex, where you are resurrected. I assume this is supposed to

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