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Spellbound Survivors Review

Survivor-like games or "bullet-heaven" games have become hugely popular since Vampire Survivors released at the end of 2021. The simple, highly addictive gameplay loop is something that just keeps players constantly wanting more. Trying to beat the boss at 10 minutes, trying to beat the map by surviving 30 minutes and trying to unlock everything character/zone in the game never stopped being fun, because every time you went into a new run, you felt that you were stronger because of the upgrades and/or constant unlocks of new characters.This is where Spellbound Survivor comes into play and adds... one thing to change


Enshrouded Demo Review

The most popular game on this October's Steam Next Fest is this survival game called Enshrouded that borrows some ideas from amazing games like Valheim and even adds some sprinkles of Dark Souls with its boss fights. I didn't get to play the game in full as I only had 8 hours to see as much content as possible. Which this game really doesn't want you to do as it's clearly made to be enjoyed slowly and see everything it has to offer. Also, something to note is that you get 8 hours per character so I could just make a new


Lunacy: Saint Rhodes Review

You get a call that could change your destiny... will you take it?What will you risk to figure out the mysteries lying behind?Story Background From the creators of Darkness Within, Stormling Studios, comes a new terrifying psychological horror game, known as Lunacy: Saint Rhodes. Published by Iceberg Interactive, the game offers a unique perspective as what unfolds after an unexpected call. Here we follow up closely on our playable character, George, who receives a strange call about inheriting an old house. The only catch? He must travel to the place, Saint Rhodes to check it out at once.Imagine arriving in the middle of nowhere at night


Shame Legacy Review

WARNING: The following review contains images depicting gore that may not suitable for children and/or sensitive individuals! How far would you go for those you love? What would you be willing to bargain? When nothing is clear, clarity usually can be found hiding in the most traumatic events. In Shame Legacy, you'll learn that nothing and no-one can be trusted.Will you find what you've been searching for? Or will you end up condemning yourself?Background & GameplayShame Legacy is an interesting first-person survival-horror game developed by the minds behind Fairyship Games and Revenant Games, and published by Destructive Creations. The game follows the


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection Review

What's better than eating pizza? Doing so with a bunch of mutated turtles (and a rat) that fight crime! Yeah, it's time to review this retro collection that's been giving The Foot Clan a run for their money.GameplayThe Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cowabunga Collection was announced and released by Konami mid-year 2022. In this collection you will find 13 classic TNMT games that have been adapted to play on next gen consoles and pc. Of course, these games follow the beloved 80's and 90's cartoon, pizza loving turtles as they fight their way through New York City's streets that seem to be crowded

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