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Inside the Labs Review

When a bunch of curious teenagers go chasing monsters, where would they investigate? Abandoned labs, of course! No, it isn’t Scooby Doo but the newest take in co-op horror games.Inside the Labs is a horror indie game developed and published Chreseeba Games. The main objective of the game is to gather information on the mutants and experiments done in these labs. The gameplay can resemble that seen in other games such as Phasmophobia and Demonologist. While there is no story to guide you, and it may seem like you’re mostly just investigating, there is some lore to be found about each


Riftstorm Pre-alpha Review

Riftstorm pre-alpha test kind of surprised me because, usually in alpha tests there's like 2-3 hours of gameplay at most, but usually it's just one level of a game or a small chunk of the open world. Riftstorm had 5 levels that you could do with 4 different characters with every level having randomized rooms, power-ups and loot. It felt more like an open beta with how much content there was here, but of course, not everything was peachy and there are plenty of red flags this game has so lets get into it.Riftstorm is a top-down twin stick roguelike looter


Robin Hood - Sherwood Builders Review

I'll be honest, when I looked at the trailers and description of Robin Hood - Sherwood Builders, I didn't really think it's going to be anything that can hook me in, but boy was I wrong. The game is rough in a lot of places but the gameplay loop is so fun that you can just put the issues aside and not really focus on them. There are some things that need fixing as soon as possible and voice acting is straight up atrocious, put considering this is developers first game, I'm really exited to see what they're going to do


Penny's Big Breakaway Review

Growing up in the 90s meant growing up when 3D platformers ruled the gaming scene. Games like Super Mario 64, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Banjo Kazooie have all been such masterpieces that you can fire them up even now, 20 to 30 years later and still have a blast with them because the games are just timeless. When I saw Penny's Big Breakaway shadow dropped and that it was a 3D platformer from the makers of Sonic Mania I was immediately interested and seeing the trailer made me even more excited to play it and review it, but unfortunately, the bugs and


Vampire Hunters Review

Let's not beat around the bush, Vampire Hunters is Vampire Survivors but in first person. Ever since Vampire Survivors came out plenty of games tried to join the bandwagon of "bullet heaven" games and they all added their different spin on it to make it their own, Vampire Hunters is no different but the spin is that it's entirely in first person so the feeling you get when you play is basically half Vampire Survivors, and half Doom Eternal. Maps are arena styled, so it's a big circle with different pathways, some verticality and a bunch of spawning portals from which all

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