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Dark Souls III's Ringed City Review

After the cool yet lackluster Ashes of Ariendel DLC, Dark Souls III has released quite a powerful adventure in Ringed City. The DLC features everything from badass knights to cleverly designed monsters, a healthy amount of secrets, upgrade items and rings, annoying bad guys and huge Boss fights.FULL SPOILERS AHEAD.The DLC starts by exploring the Kiln of the First Flame a little more, using the impossible space as the backdrop for a few fights and some interesting encounters. Also serving as the start of Lapp's questline which would surely be appreciated by some. After dealing with annoying Angels, awesome jumps, hidden


Awesome Games Done Quick 2017 Roundup

After over 170 games played by over 200 runners for more than 150 consecutive hours and many emotional speeches this year's Awesome Games Done Quick has come to a conclusion raising more than $2.2 million, decimating the previous record set at AGDQ 2015 by nearly $700k.For those that do not know GDQ is a twice yearly charity event for the Prevent Cancer Foundation that revolves around speedrunning. Runners from all over the world converged at Hilton Washington Dulles, Herndon, Virginia for the seven day event now in to its seventh year.Alongside the usual classic runs of Mario, Metroid, Kirby and Zelda


Snake's News - POKEMON GO(NE WILD)

Gamescom drought is in progress, but more news popping up means new post.DARK SOULS 3: ASHES OF ARIADNEL DLCThis mostly PvP-focused addition to the main game just got a trailer. It'll cost $10 for non-Season Pass owners. Get your Farron Greatswords and Uchigatanas ready, cause this thing is coming out on October 25th. Also, grind some souls to level up.POKEMON GO: SNORLAX APPEARS IN TAIPEI, PEOPLE GO NUTSAll in all, Pokemon GO is getting a better and better tool for natural selection. This isn't normal. Also, if you're reading it - TIME FOR STATISTICS!When the game was released, there were almost


Nintendo NX, Attack on Titan, Final Fantasy and Dark Souls News

Nintendo Releases Details on New Console 'Nintendo NX'Nintendo has revealed details of its up and coming new console, the Nintendo NX, and it looks like it's moving away completely from Wii. Not much has been revealed, though we know have a rough idea what the NX will look like. Classic shoulder buttons and analog sticks are part of the design. It has been reported that Nintendo intend to release a console that function more like a gaming platform while also featuring a handheld device, and the card slot and built-in speaker further suggests gaming on-the-go. The whole controller would function as

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