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Dark Souls III's Ringed City Review
After the cool yet lackluster Ashes of Ariendel DLC, Dark Souls III has released quite a powerful adventure in Ringed City. The DLC features everything from badass knights to cleverly designed monsters, a healthy amount of secrets, upgrade items and rings, annoying bad guys and huge Boss fights.


The DLC starts by exploring the Kiln of the First Flame a little more, using the impossible space as the backdrop for a few fights and some interesting encounters. Also serving as the start of Lapp's questline which would surely be appreciated by some. After dealing with annoying Angels, awesome jumps, hidden paths and the first NPC Pyromancer to actually pose a challenge, the player plunges into a pretty and very badass Boss fight which ends the first area of the DLC.

Subsequently, the player is literally carried away into a new area. The "proper" Ringed City is a welcomed sight for dungeon laden eyes, an entire city with it's own unique architecture and gardens and gross swamps and ruined buildings. And apparently even it's own Ghost Army of archers. The Ringed City has everything the player would appreciate from a huge city, badass knights, hidden paths, collectibles and quest progressions. And even a puzzle requiring the player to use a white branch or the Chameleon spell to turn into a Humanity Sprite, and it's own Ornstein the Dragonslayer fight.

The DLC finishes off by offering players the Old Monk fight from Demon Souls which an NPC summons a player in order to fight you as the Spear of the Church, a badass dragon that hates bridges for some reason, and a proper final Boss in a huge epic fight at the seemingly literal end of the world. Later still, the player can find a secret path leading to a proper fight against the dragon Darkeater Midir, gaining the Spear of the Church covenant upon victory which would summon the player as the Boss by that NPC a while ago.

Overall the DLC is quite fun and offers a lot of content, most definitely superior than AoA DLC. The Spear of the Church addition is one of the most fun things about the whole game, offering players something very fun end game. And specially given Dark Souls' history of main characters always being addressed as nothing more than the "Bearer of The curse" or some form of unnamed regular joe that just so happens to become the most important thing in the game by random chance, even while Dark Souls III's ending offers players the ability to become something story-wise and gain a title which some NPCs even in the AoA DLC seem to acknowledge, being able to actually put that title to use by being summoned as a Boss is quite rewarding.
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