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Conan Unconquered Review!

What is Conan Unconquered? Do you like Real time strategy games? Do you like Conan? Then this tower defence game is for you.Mission select!The Story: Conan Unconquered does not have a story.The tech tree!What Conan Unconquered but more in depth? Conan Unconquered is a top down RTS(Real time strategy) game where you take control of Conan the barbarian and his camp and defending it from monsters and enemies trying to destroy your command fort which when destroyed is the end of the game.Infomation about certain buldings and units!The Graphics of Conan Unconquered: The graphics are 3D and very simplistic and nothing

Lornsword Winter Chronicle Review

Developer/Publisher: Tower FiveBases for days!What is Lornsword Winter Chronicle? If you like Top down RTS, story driven game where you take control of the main captain and grab your troops and go out and kill the enemies then you may like this.Cutscenes!The Story: Lornsword Winter Chronicle is a story driven game where you take control of Corun Lan Ka who goes and does the emperor work by killing enemies and also dealing with the amount of danger that will come his way as he must stop the evil.In game story/tutorialWhat Lornsword Winter Chronicle but more in depth? Lornsword is a very heavily

Ancestors Legacy Review

Carve a bloody path through the Middle Ages in Ancestors Legacy! A blend of some of the best RTS games in the last decade with a medieval spin that puts classic triple-A strategy back on the map and offers a must play experience for the fans of the genre.RTS games are a rare breed these days, more so in the AAA category. Besides an occasional Total War game, fans of the genre are mostly left starved of a good tactical experience. Well, I'm glad to announce that Destructive Creations studio is about to satisfy that hunger. A studio best known for

Command & Conquer Multiplay(er)able

Command&Conquer onlineI want to share this information with everyone who loved the glory of C&C - especially in multiplayer.Yes it's true, EA took the servers for all of the C&C games down, but for anyone who might not know, fans of the amazing sagacreated an own network to play online. All you have to do is to go toC&C Online, register on the website and download the launcher. It will automatically ask you to create a log-in for the C&C Online servers.Once done you simply start the launcher and you're ready to play online.If you have the Steam Version of the game, you might run in

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