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Radio Commander Review

Radio CommanderThis is my first ever review! I better pull out all the stops to make it a smashing one at that! so let's begin shall we?Description;Radio Commander is a Tactical, Military wargame based in the age of the Vietnam war era. In my own words, the basis of the game, is that you are a military commander, in control of a certain amount of units on a battlefield, in which you have to control manually, quoting from the Official Radio Commander website, link can be found at the bottom of this Review."Radio Commander is a strategy game based on one


Frozenheim Review

At its core, Frozenheim is a city builder. The game focuses heavily on resource management with real-time tactical combat sprinkled in between.Frozenheim will of course draw immediate comparisons to Valheim, but there are some core differences between the two viking games. Firstly, you’ll notice much higher fidelity when it comes to the graphics in Frozenheim. It looks visually appealing and has a high level of detail when it comes to graphics and animations.Next is the emphasis on expanding a settlement to a thriving city. Frozenheim leans more heavily on growing one location vs having many smaller villages in Valheim.What I find most


Foresight Review

Few words about the gameForesight is a real-time strategy game, where you can lead your fleets into an epic battles in space. You're playing as a leading commander with a mission to recruit other commanders, expand your fleets, support observation bases, lead reconnaissance or just launch bombing on your enemy. It's up to you how you will manage your resources, but remember that not always bigger equals better - think about what you're doing in order to succeed!Advantages- Pleasant background music and sounds- Nicely written dialogues- Awesome artwork in cutscenes, makes pretty good wallpapers material- Story feels interesting enough to pay


Men of War: Assault Squad 2 - Cold War Review

What is Men of War: Assault Squad 2 - Cold War? Do you like a game that should be a dlc? Changes nothing from Call Of Arms? Barely any players?Who to choose?Ill be refering to Men of War: Assault Squad 2 - Cold War = MoWAS2CW*The Story: There is no story just skirmishes to take the map control and gain nothing.How fun only 2 game modes!What MoWAS2CW but more in depth? MoWAS2CW is a RTS(Real time strategy) where you choose to play as NATO or USSR and battle for map control this game is more based on multiplayer than the single


Cartel Tycoon (demo) Review

What is Cartel Tycoon? Do you ever dream of being Walter white? Ever wanted to make your own drug empire? Do you want to own an island to yourself?Just starting off!The Story: at the moment there is not a story just your drugs are not doing well and you pray to god (you) to make it work.When your airports are overflowing so you need 2!What Cartel Tycoon but more in depth? Cartel Tycoon is a tycoon game all about running your own cartel and growing drugs like Cocaine, meth, weed and making dried cannabis and selling it to make dirty money

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