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Foresight Review

Few words about the game

Foresight is a real-time strategy game, where you can lead your fleets into an epic battles in space. You're playing as a leading commander with a mission to recruit other commanders, expand your fleets, support observation bases, lead reconnaissance or just launch bombing on your enemy. It's up to you how you will manage your resources, but remember that not always bigger equals better - think about what you're doing in order to succeed!


  • - Pleasant background music and sounds
  • - Nicely written dialogues
  • - Awesome artwork in cutscenes, makes pretty good wallpapers material
  • - Story feels interesting enough to pay attention to it and to be an important part of the game
  • - Retro graphics design is highly likeable
  • - Game was being updated over 4 years after the release so big /clap to devs for that
  • - Thorough and clear tutorial to introduce RTS simpletons like myself into the game mechanics


  • - Voice acting could use some work
  • - A.I. commanders act pretty dumb and they barely do anything on its own, requires constant control to be somehow useful


Full disclosure - I am not a real-time strategy games player, I played only a couple strategy games in my life, and it's not exactly my type of game, but I'm trying to be as reliable and objective in here as I possibly can.

First, graphics. The game looks old, indeed. But here it's not about graphics but about gameplay, so I like to think about them not as "bad" but as "retro". Music is not a wonderful opera either, but it's nice to listen. I didn't get super far into the game to fully explore its possibilities, but I clearly see all the potential in it and I would definitely be sunk in the game for hours to come if RTS would be my thing. Missions and battles themselves are highly rewarding, building up your fleets, preparing to battle and standing over destroyed ships of your enemies is awesome!

I'd love to compare this game to some other RTS titles, but as I've said before, my experience with them is quite limited. But there's one thing standing out, that's not always a thing in strategies. I'm talking about how tactical this game is, how actual thinking about your actions is important. It's not about how big and heavy your fleet will be, it's about how you will manage to lead it. For example, commander ships can only shoot forward, and it takes time for them to turn around. Without those ships, bombers and fighters become useless and if you're using little and fast battleships to flank commander ship, you're gaining a huge advantage. So all in all, think about what you're doing since raw strength is not always a key to victory.

Now this part might not be exactly about the game itself, but it's just as important for the full picture. I always check the background of the games I play, and here I was very positively surprised! From the first sight you can easily tell that devs love what they're doing. This might not be some great AAA top title on steam, but they are obviously trying their best to take care of their baby. Just look at all those news, patches, upgrades and even their responses to some reviews! Their love towards their game is just a huge advantage and should definitely be appreciated.

Yes, there are some minor inconveniences, but it's understandable, and the game is fully playable and totally enjoyable despite them. One thing that they could play out in a different manner could have been putting the game in early access at the start. It was constantly updated and fixed for better and better, and it could help to avoid some negative reviews from people who review "fully out yet bugged" game. But I guess there's a developers reason behind it and nonetheless game got some pretty positive reviews.

Long story short, an exemplary game from an indie studio. Recommended to any RTS lover to check the games full potential and for any newbie like me to try and possibly get into the genre thanks to this great title.
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