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Inside the Labs Review

When a bunch of curious teenagers go chasing monsters, where would they investigate? Abandoned labs, of course! No, it isn’t Scooby Doo but the newest take in co-op horror games.Inside the Labs is a horror indie game developed and published Chreseeba Games. The main objective of the game is to gather information on the mutants and experiments done in these labs. The gameplay can resemble that seen in other games such as Phasmophobia and Demonologist. While there is no story to guide you, and it may seem like you’re mostly just investigating, there is some lore to be found about each


Your Journey of Survival Review

Your Journey of Survival ReviewDeveloped and Published - Smartly Gophered GamesYour Journey of Survival is an open world, sandbox game, mixing together the best elements of FPS, Survival, and RPG games. Set in the year 2400, you awake in a world where everything is seemingly unknown and all of humanity & civilization must be rebuilt from the ground up.Where Dayz, Rust, and H1Z1 all meet together in one game. The only difference is that the graphics are amazingly beautiful.Embark on an epic journey across lush landscapes, with wild weather controls from Sunshine to heavy rain and storms.Build, eat, hunt and survive the harsh environments


The Black Pool Review

The Black Pool ReviewDeveloper and Publisher - Smug Marmot StudiosIn the forest outside of town, four friends discover a mysterious black pool that transports them to an unknown world. To fight their way home, they must unlock and master supernatural abilities. Play cooperative or solo in this high-paced action game of skill that varies each session.Awakening from travelling to a whole new world, as you step out of the Black Pool.Proceed through various worlds, searching for a way home in this action-packed roguelike adventure.Cruise through countless enemy mechs and bosses, and bag yourself that one-way ticket back home, facing almost impossible challenges.Will you make


Anomaly Agent Review

I am going to keep this review short and sweet - just like Anomaly Agent is, and say that this is probably one of the best indie games I've ever played. Every system in this game seems simple but has certain depth to it and the story is unique enough that it keeps you hooked throughout the four-five hour campaign.The start it simple, you're an agent tasked to get rid of some time anomalies that popped on in some places, but later on the story goes bonkers and at the end of the game you're presented with a choice that changes


Arcade Tycoon Review

Arcade Tycoon is a business management simulation that was released on Steam in 2021 (after some time in Early Access) and rereleased on Nintendo Switch in January of 2024. I recently tried out the Switch version.This game is centered around nostalgia. The pixel graphics with their isometric view and grid-based object placement give off the feel of some of the classic "Tycoon" games, and the background music has a retro quality that imitates old-school themes. Machines and other items available to acquire for your gaming center are full of gaming references in title and design, and the general look and feel

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