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Meet Your Oshi Review

Meet Your Oshi wears its inspiration proudly on its sleeve. It’s an unabashed Five Nights at Freddy’s clone, or homage, how you choose to call it, aimed at the exact niche that turned that franchise into a colossal success. The shallow gameplay holds no secrets to most fans of this very specific genre, giving space for the Vtuber automatons to shine in their furry and metallic hybrid design, but there’s not much meat on these joints for players who want something more exciting than a random jumpscare.Five Nights at Oshi’sJust as it happens with the game series sensation turned movie, Meet


Crimson Tactics Review

After only a month in Early Access, a new tactics game, Crimson Tactics: The Rise of the White Banner, has been released as complete as of September 5th. Heavily inspired by classic turn-based tactics games, Crimson Tactics is set in a high fantasy medieval world rife with political strife.The inspiration is immediately obvious in the game's aesthetic. The artwork is of high quality, with the polished look of a typical JRPG-style game. The battle maps use the familiar isometric view, though they can be zoomed out to give an overhead view of the entire battlefield. The audio is reminiscent of similar


South of the Circle Review

South of the Circle is the perfect reason for another heated but healthy games versus movies debate. It’s a gripping adventure with some tremendous storytelling that flawlessly uses clever gaming devices to create a fantastic experience, one that no movie or book would ever be capable of; supported by fine performances from a group of renowned actors and quality motion capture, this is a game… no, scratch that, an experience that fans ought not miss.Love and (Cold) WarThe adventure starts with a dramatic event as Peter, a Cambridge academic and main character crashes down in Antarctica during the 1960's Cold War.

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