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Snake's News - Back Up Again

After a week without computer, because you know, broken screen kinda limits my ability to write or do anything, we're back with news. But without a huge summary because I'm sure someone must've done that before. No? Well, I'm not doing that.GEARS OF WAR 4 TRAILEROf course, it has the cover of most butchered song in guitar shops ever, the song that has been forbidden in some of them...and of course it's Metallica with their "Nothing Else Matters". Well, a cover of it, as I said before. Still, this is the launch trailer, even though the game is coming out in


Snake's News - Nintendo Direct Things

Things happened (again) and this probably is why you're reading this.TITANFALL 2 TRAILERWhat happens when there's six titans to choose from and you want to get each and every one to know? Well, of course, you get to see the trailer showing each and every one of them!KILLING THINGS IN MAFIA 3How to kill people in Mafia 3 is basically what this video goes down too. Guns, knives, and all that. This game officially isn't a Mafia game at this point, but oh well. It doesn't hurt to watch.GEARS OF WAR 4: HORDE IS BACKAnd of course Run The Jewels has


Snake's News - The Gamescom Report!

Gamescom info, gamescom trailers, gamescom news! All things gamescom, come here and grab your share!OVERWATCH SEASON 2 CHANGES! + NEW MAPLoads of changes. Skill levels raise from 1-100 to 1-5000 scale, golden guns 10 times more expensive and other changes! Watch the trailer for more, i don't have time to go into detail with every little thing, THERE'S JUST SO MUCH SHIT! And a new map.THE SURGE - CYBER DARK SOULS TRAILER14 minutes of trailer goodness.NINE PARCHMENTS - MORE MAGICKA FROM... TRINE DEVSNot exactly Magicka, but still Magicka, coming in 2017.RECORE - GAMEPLAYBest Keiji Inafune game since Mighty No. 9.HITMAN: EPISODE

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