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Enforcer: Police Crime Action Review

Few words about the gameEnforcer: Police Crime Action is a game that shows the complete opposite side of the GTA series - the righteous side of the law. You're in control of policeman, starting your career from the very bottom of it, showing us with lots of details how does the average life of law-enforcement officers looks like.AdvantagesGood, quite unique concept of gameAbsorbing gameplay with tons of various missions and eventsSounds are done quite well and voicing of characters is predominantly very good, big "+" for itControl over your characters, whether on foot or by car, is a bit weird yet


My Dream Review

Few words about the gameMyDream is a game based on an amazing idea of forming and exploring your world however you want to. You're able to create your own world or join any world created by other players and, well, build anything you want to. To be fair, there's still a long way to go before it will be finished and polished, but in the first 5 minutes of gameplay, you can clearly see the potential and how big this game might get in the near future.AdvantagesGameplay is smooth and visibly optimized even for lower machinesMusic and ambient sounds is well-madeGraphics

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